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Why is Water coming from my Shower head and Tub Spout at the Same Time?  

This a common question that we hear often, “I just installed a new tub and shower faucet, when I turn it on water flows from the tub spout and showerhead, what did I do wrong and how can I fix it”. Installing a new shower head or installing a new tub spout is often a precursor to this problem. These are a few problems and remedies that I have found over the years.  

Tub and Shower Faucet Installed Upside Down 

One of the most common mistakes when installing a single-handle tub/shower faucet set is turning the manifold (faucet body) valve upside down. Most control valves are marked with an arrow or lettering indicating the correct installation position. The arrow or direction of flow to the showerhead always has to point up. 

Shower Raiser and Tub Spout Drop are too Short  

The faucets engineered to allow more water to flow down through the tub spout than up to the shower head. The shower raiser needs to be set at the manufacturers recommended height above the faucet, and the tub spout needs to be low enough. These measurement balance the flow from head to spouts recommended for a reason. If the shower raiser is to short, the water naturally raises above the showerhead. 

Restricted Water Flow in Tub Spout Piping Faucet Instructions Shower Head

One of the main causes of water coming out of the shower head and tub spout at the time it a restriction in the tub spout outlet tube or pipe. If the faucet spout was installed with galvanized pipe, there is a good chance it is rusting shut. you will need to remove the tub spout and look inside the pipe for evidence of a blockage.

All manufacturers recommend the use of iron-pipe fittings or copper pipe tubing and fittings. The inside diameter of iron pipe and copper is the largest of all your pipe choices. Pex pipe (cross-linked polyethylene) pipe and fittings will greatly restrict the water flow, this forces the water back up into the shower raiser pipe. When using iron pipe nipples and fittings, always use solid brass, galvanized and black steel pipe and fittings will rust and corrode very quickly. 

Tub Shower Faucet Diverter Stem Damaged or Worn  

Another reason for water dripping from a shower head and spout it the faucets shower diverter stem. If the diverter stem is damaged or worn-out, simply repair or replace the diverter stem to remedy the situation; easier said than done is some cases. 

New Tub Spout is to Short or Opening to Small 

Many of the new decorative tub spouts on the market today are made all over the world. In some countries, plumbing practices, water pressures and manufacturing techniques are not the same as in the US and Canada. These differences have been known to cause plumbing problems from time to time with a variety of plumbing fixtures and apparatuses. When ordering faucets and other plumbing fixtures from a foreign country, always ask if the product adheres to North American plumbing standards; if it does not, you may just be asking for trouble. Vice versa, when ordering a plumbing or electrical fixture from the US or Canada ask questions to make sure that it will work in the plumbing of the destination country.  

Water Pressure is Too High 

In rear cases, the water pressure entering the home or residence is higher than the recommended manufacturers setting for the faucet. Test the water pressure at a faucet on the outside of the house with a plumber’s pressure gage. If the water pressure is over 60 to 80 psi (pounds per square inch), you need to install a water pressure-reducing valve in the main water service line. 

Faucet Warranty  

Always call the tub/shower faucet manufacturer’s customer-support phone number before spending a whole lot of extra money trying to fix the problem. The problem could lie within the tub and shower faucet itself, it is unusual, but it can happen.   



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