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What is a Basin Wrench: How do I use a Sink Wrench?

What is a Basin Wrench?

The basin wrench is a tool used by plumbers, repair people and do-it-yourselfer to remove and install faucet-mounting nuts. Another name for the basin wrench is sink wrench.

What is a Basin Wrench Used For?

A general use of the basin wrench is provide access to faucet mounting nuts located behind the bowel or sinks. The jaws of the basin wrench are similar to those of a pipe wrench, having sharp teeth to grasp the faucet nuts.

How to Operate a Basin Wrench Safely

Most sink wrenches have either swiveling head that tilts to the left or right. Tilting the head to left allows you to install and tighten the mounting lock nuts. Tilting the head to the right allows you to remove the faucet mounting nuts. Some basin wrenches, like the Ridged professional basin wrench are able to extend from 10 inches to 17 inches, allowing for even easier access to hard to reach faucet mounting nuts.

Removing Faucet Mounting Nut(s) with a Basin Wrench

With the water shut off to the faucet and the water supply lines removed, you now have access to the faucet’s mounting nuts. Wear safety goggles when removing old faucet mounting nuts, there may be small partials of metal or sealant that can fall. Use a flashlight or other form of light to see the nuts clearly. Lie down on the floor in front of the sink, and then slide your body under the sink. Looking up under the sink you should see the threaded faucet shanks and mounting nuts. Tilt the head of your basin wrench to the right. Position to basin wrench’s jaws around the mounting nut; turn the wrench in a counterclockwise to loosen and remove the nut.

Using a Basin Wrench to Install Sink Faucet Mounting Nuts

Screw the faucet lock nuts on the faucet’s threaded shanks by hand, as far as you can. Tilt the wrenches swiveling head to the left. Guide the wrench’s jaws up onto the nut and then turn the wrench clockwise to tight it. You may want to check the faucet’s center on the sink when you have finished tightening the mounting nuts.  












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