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Trouble Shooting Shower Faucets with Slow water or No Water Coming Out of the Shower Head

A question I hear often is " There is very little water coming out of may shower head, how do you fix it"?

There several procedures to go through when trouble shooting  lower water pressure from a shower head.

1. Remove the shower head and turn the faucet on. If the water flows freely, clean or replace the shower head.

2. Turn the water off to the shower faucet. This is usually done at the main water shut-off valve or at the water meter. Remove the shower faucet cartridge. Turn the water on and see if the water is flowing freely from the inside of the faucet. If the water flows freely from the faucet without the cartridge, replace the shower faucet cartridge.

Caution-- you will need to close the shower curtain or shower door when you turn the water on, it will spray everywhere in the shower or tub. It is best if there is one person watching the shower, and one person turning the water on and off.

3. If the water flows from the shower faucet without the cartridge, but there is still no water flowing through the shower head, You will need to clean or replace the shower riser pipe from the top of the shower faucet to the shower arm mounting bracket in the wall.

This can be accomplished a couple of different ways.

a. Turn the water of and remove the shower faucet cartridge.

b. Run a wire( like a coat hanger ) up through the shower port in the top of the shower faucet body. Run the wire as far up the shower riser pipe as you can.

c. Then, remove the shower arm from the wall and run the wire down through the riser pipe as far as you can.

d. Replace the cartridge and shower arm, but not the shower head. Turn the water back on check the water flow. If the water is now flowing freely, replace shower head.

e. If the wire will not feed up into the shower riser, turn the shower arm until it points up toward the ceiling. Use a funnel, and pour a cup of vinegar down in the shower arm. Wait 20 minutes and pour another cup down. Wait 20 more minutes, and then replace the shower faucet cartridge, turn the shower arm back down into the shower, and then turn the main water supply back on. The water should be flowing well. If is not, you may consider calling a qualified, licensed and bonded plumbing contractor.



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