Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Things you can do personally to be prepared in a plumbing emergency.   


1.       Find all the water shut off valves inside and outside your home. Make sure everyone knows where each valve is located, what they are for, and how to shut them off correctly.

2.       Test each valve for proper operation; they will do you no good if they are not working correctly. If any of them do not work, fix them or have the replaced immediately. Caution—in rare cases, you can actually break a water valve if it is already too old. Be prepared for this.

3.       Locate your homes water meter if you on city water supply system.

4.       Purchase a water meter key to shut off the main water meter. Some water meters shut off with pipe wrench, other by hand. Locate the meter key or wrench where everyone in the house can access it easily. Caution—do not bury your meter key in the garage or closet.

5.       Have a supply of old bath towels to soak up water, or damn water from traveling one room to the next.

6.       A wet/dry shop-vacuum is a great tool if you can afford one. Caution—never try to use a regular carpet vacuum to suck up water; you will be shocked.



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