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Original Delta Single Handle Lavatory Sink Faucet Repair Instructions

The instructions to repair an original Delta single handle lavatory faucet are simple and straightforward. Replacing all the internal parts of the old style Delta sink faucet at the same time will minimize the chance of recurrent problems. Original Delta faucet repair parts and kits are readily available at almost hardware stores and home centers. Online faucet part retailers also offer a good source of quality Delta parts, often at discounted rates. If you order your parts online, look for retailers that offer free shipping.

1.       Turn the water off under the sink. You should see two small silver shut-off valves connected to the faucets water supply lines under the sink. Turn the faucet on halfway in-between hot and cold. Turn the valve handles clockwise until the water stops flowing.

2.       Remove the single lever handle. Under the handle, you will generally see a red and blue button. Carefully remove the button by hand or with a plastic card; like a credit card. You will need a 1/8-inch Allen wrench to loosen the handle’s setscrew. Turn it to the left a couple of rounds, just enough to loosen the handle and pull it off.  

3.       Unscrew the bonnet cap. Under the handle, you will see a dome shaped cap that holds the interworking of the faucet together. Unscrew the cap by hand if you can. If not, use a strap wrench. Do not use sharp edged tools to remove the cap you will damage the finish.

4.       Pull out the ball assembly by the stem. It should pull out easily.

5.       Remove the Delta seats and springs under the ball assembly with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

6.       Clean the inside of the faucet. If you see a white or green mineral buildup inside the faucet’s body, use a small piece of emery cloth to remove as much of the sediment as you can. Place a hand towel behind the faucet and turn the cold-water shut-off valve on-- just enough to wash out any debris, and then turn it back off.

7.       Install the new Delta seats and springs. Slide the small open end of the rubber seat onto the Allen wrench, followed by the small end of a spring. Insert the end of the Allen wrench into one of the supply ports inside the faucet. Work the spring and seat into place with a finger. Repeat this step for the second faucet supply port.

8.       Set the ball assembly in place. Line up the guide slot on the ball with the guide tick on the faucet body. Place the small open end of the bonnet cap loosely on your index finger. With your other hand, slide the cam packing over the ball. Line up the cam guide with notch in the top of the faucet. Hold the cam in place with your index finger and let the bonnet slide down onto the faucet. With the other hand, start screwing the bonnet cap on the faucet.

9.       Screw on the bonnet cap by hand, and then secure with a strap wrench.

10.   Turn the water back on.

11.   Fine-tune the adjustment ring. Use the needle-nose pliers to turn the Delta bonnet adjustment ring. Spread the pliers open just enough to fit the slots of the ring and then turn it left to loosen and right to tighten. This will adjust the tension on the faucet lever. You want the handle to turn freely without falling down and shutting off by its self.

12.   Replace the handle and tighten the setscrew. You may need to try a couple of times to get it set just right.

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