Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


My Kitchen Faucet is Loose, How Do I Tighten It?

The faucet's mounting lock nut(s) are loose or broken. You will need to crawl under the sink with a flashlight, basin wrench and Crescent wrench.

Wear goggles when you are working on any faucet straight above your eyes.

Loose Kitchen Faucet Mounting Nuts 

Clear everything out from under the sink cabinet. Spread out an old blanket on the bottom of the cabinet to lay down on. Shine the flashlight up under the sink until you see the faucet's threaded shank(s) coming through the sink. There should be a threaded mounting lock nut on each of them; you may only have one. They tightening the nut(s) with your hand. Make sure the faucet is centered on top of the sink, and then tighten the nut(s) with your basin wrench. If the faucet's mounting nuts are difficult to turn, use your Crescent wrench as lever on the basin wrench. Caution-Do not over tighten the nut(s). Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance instructions, if you can find them.

Broken Kitchen Faucet Mounting Nuts

When you are looking up at the faucet from under the kitchen sink, inspect the faucet's mounting nut(s) closely. It will be very hard to see, but look for cracks or broken pieces of the nut(s) that have fallen off. Some times it will be very obvious, in other cases will not.

Installing New Kitchen Faucet Mounting Nuts

If the mounting nut or nuts are broken, you will need to shut the water off to the faucet. Open the faucet to make sure the water is off. Remove the supply line(s) from the faucet's threaded shanks with your basin wrench. Unscrew what is left of the kitchen faucet's mounting nut(s). Pull the faucet out of the sink and reseal the faucets mounting plate with kitchen and bath silicone sealant. Reinstall the faucet into the sink, and then center it. Install new faucet mounting nut(s) on the shank(s), and then tighten then with the basin wrench. Reconnect the water supply lines with the wrench. Turn the water back on to the faucet. Open and close the faucet several times, and then check for leaks. Test the faucet to make sure it is tight and secure.


If you are not physically able to get on your knees and back up again, please ask for help. Do not attempt this project alone.



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