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My Kitchen Faucet’s Sprayer Quit Working

There are several reasons for a kitchen faucet sprayer to quit working.

First, test the water faucet sprayer. Unscrew the sprayer from the prayer hose, by hand only. Aim the end of the hose into the kitchen sink drain and turn the water on. If the water is flowing from the hose at an adequate rate, replace the faucet spray head.

1.       The sprayer handle is broken. Replace the sprayer by unscrewing the broken one off the sprayer hose, and then screw a new sprayer head back on.  

2.       The spray heads clogged with debris, such as mineral deposits or sediment build up, or just dirt. Unscrew the faucet sprayer from the hose, and then wash the sprayer inside and out with warm water. Replace the sprayer and test.

3.       The faucet’s spry diverter valve inside the faucet itself is broken or worn. If you remove the sprayer from the hose and no water comes out when you turn the water on, you need to replace the diverter stem. Turn the water off to the faucet. Remove the faucet’s spout. Remove and install a spray diverter.

4.       The faucets spray diverter stems blocked by debris. Remove the faucet spout and diverter stem, cover the faucet with a cup or glass, and then turn the cold water faucet on for just a few seconds to clear the debris

5.       A kinked faucet sprayer hose under the kitchen sink will restrict the water flow. Unscrew the hose from the faucet, straighten out the hose, and reconnect.



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