Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Is my faucet broken, it makes a vibrating, squealing, screaming, whistling noise when I turn it on?  

Your faucet is not necessarily broken; however, there is a worn or torn rubber washer or gasket. Even washer less faucets will still have some form of rubber gasket to seal off water from leaking. Over time, these rubber washers and gaskets wear from regular use. The harsh chemicals in some water speed up the natural decomposition of the chemicals in the rubber as well. The resulting wear can loosen the washer, or a piece of it, when the water rushes buy the lose washer it causes a small vortex or swirl that spins around the washer. The swirling movement lifts and seats the washer rapidly and violently. This rapid movement makes the noises that you hear reverberating through your plumbing. Simply replacing the rubber washer located on the end of the faucet’s stem will fix the problem. If your faucet has a ceramic cartridge disc, you will need to replace the whole cartridge unit.



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