Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Instructions on How to Repair a Dripping Two Handle     American Standard Faucet  


Removing the American Standard Faucet Lever Handles 

1. Shut off the faucet’s water supply at its source.

2. Turn the faucet's on to alleviate any remaining water pressure.

3. Close the pop-up’s drain stopper to prevent losing any small faucet parts.

4. Loosen the Faucet’s handle retaining screw with 2.5mm Allen wrench a couple of turns. You do not need to remove the screw, just loosen it enough to release the handle from the stem adapter.

5. Lift the handles off the faucet adaptors and set then to the side.

6. Remove the handle adaptor from the faucet stem by unscrewing the adapter’s setscrew with a Phillips screwdriver.

Removing the Old American Standard Faucet Cartridge  

7. Unscrew the cartridge’s bonnet ring with a crescent wrench.

8. Pull the old American Standard cartridge from the faucet barrel.

9. Clean any debris out of the faucet with a rag. Use the Phillips screwdriver to push the rag down into the faucet. Caution-do not scratch the bottom or sides of the barrel, you may damage the faucet.

10. If there is evidence of mineral buildup, use a small piece of plumber’s emery cloth, and gently sand it smooth.

11. Rinse the barrels with water by placing a hand towel behind the faucet to block excess water leakage. Hold a cup over the barrel to prevent splattering. Then slowly turn the water supply on to that cartridge barrel just enough to clear out the debris, and then turn the supply off. Dry the barrel with a clean cloth.

Installing a New American Standard Faucet Cartridge 

12. Lower the new cartridge into the barrel.

13. Line up the retaining tic on the cartridge, with the retaining notch in the top of the barrel.

14. Push the cartridge into the barrel firmly.

15. Screw on the bonnet nut by hand.

16. Tighten the nut with your crescent wrench. Caution-do not over tighten, you can easily scrip the threads.

Completing the Faucet Repair 

17. Turn the flat side of each stem away from the faucet spout. This will line up the handles in the correct potion.

18. Place the handle adapters on each stem.

19. Insert the adaptor’s retaining screw with the screwdriver.

20. Lower each handle onto each handle adapter.

21. Tighten the handle setscrews with the Allen wrench. Caution-do not over tighten, you can damage the adapters.

22. Turn the water supply on to the faucet. Open the pop-up drain stopper.

23. Turn each handle on and off a few times to ensure the faucet is operating correctly.

24. Check for leaks, drips, runs or rattles.




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