Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


I repaired my faucet, but I still hear banging in my pipes.  

Your entire plumbing system works together as one unit. If one piece breaks, it can affect the others. If you have changed the washers, stems and cartridges of you faucet, and still get a vibrating or humming noise when you turn it on; you will need to look further down the line, so to speak.

Many sink faucets are equipped with small shut-off valves called stops, or angle stop valves. These tiny valves are located under the sink or faucet and usually connect to the main plumbing system pipes protruding from the floor or wall. There should be two under each sink, one for hot water and one for cold-water.  There are two kinds of stop valve, multi-turn and quarter turn. Multi-turn stops are notorious for causing vibration and humming in plumbing systems. The reason, there rubber washers are not fastened their valve stems. The washer is just pined to the stem with a small plastic nodule. Without any support, the washer easily loosens from the stem and begins to flap in the water currant; causing a vibration.



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