Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


I cannot reach the mounting lock nuts under my Glacier Bay kitchen faucet, how do I get them off?

Using a plumber’s basin wrench is the most convenient way to reach kitchen faucet lock nuts. Lying down under your kitchen sinks to work a kitchen sink faucet or drain is no fun in the first place. The faster you can get out from it the better. There several types of basin wrenches to date. The best one I have used is the Ridged Model 31180. It is extendable for 10” to 17” and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Use a flashlight or droplight to see clearly, when you are working under the sink. Turn off the water supply. Extend the basin wrench to the point it is comfortable for you to work with. Reach the wrench up to the Glacier Bay kitchen faucet mounting lock nuts and turn the wrenches swivel head to the right. Grasp the nut with pivoting jaw of the wrench and turn it until it grabs with the stationary jaw. Turn the nut counterclockwise when you are looking straight up at it. Loosen the nut until you can remove it by hand.

If the nut is difficult to turn, spray a little penetrating oil on it and let soak in for a while. Caution—do not let the oil drip down on your face, wear safety goggles and cover your face with a cloth. You can use a Crescent wrench or pipe wrench as advantage, to help you turn the wrench and mounting nuts.




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