Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


I cannot find the name of my faucet, how can I get repair parts?      

 Look on the front and back of your faucet for the brand name. You may need a magnifying glass; the names are often very small and hard to read.

If the faucet name is on the back of the unit, a small pocket mirror and a flashlight might help. Look for model numbers as well as names under the faucet’s spout. Some faucet names are located right on top of the handles index button.

If you think you may have a good guess of the faucet’s name brand, you can go to their website and follow their product selection guide.

If you remember the store you purchased your faucet from, go in and see if they still carry any faucets that may look similar. You may get lucky and they still carry the exact same model.

Remove the defective parts from the faucet and take them to the store with you. Some home centers and hardware stores will have a large selection to choose from, you really need the parts with you.

If your store has a faucet index book with pictures of many faucet parts, you can look through it and find an exact match. This will at least give you the manufacture name and a part number to work with.

With a parts number in hand you can then search the web for more clues. Type in the exact model number and manufacture brand name in the search box. 




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