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How to Remove and Replace a Waterfall Style Delta Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet Diverter Stem  

Unlike older Delta faucet designs, the new Delta Waterfall design is even easier to work on. Changing the Delta diverter stem is a literally a snap. 

Lift the metal escutcheon up from the base of the waterfall spout. Under the escutcheon, you will see a white plastic spout retaining clip. Squeeze the clip with your fingers to release the spout. Pull the faucet spout straight up and off the faucet diverter housing. Unscrew the white plastic diverter counterclockwise with a large screwdriver. Clean the inside of the diverter housing with a clean cloth. 

Place a small amount of lubricant on the diverter threads and screw it into the faucet by hand. Tighten it gently with the screwdriver. Coat the Delta diverter housing O-rings on the outside with a bit of silicone lubricant as well. Slide the spout straight down over the diverter housing until you hear it click into place. Slide the metal escutcheon down over the mounting clip. 

Delta Two-Handle Waterfall Kitchen Faucet Diagram 



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