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How to Remove and Replace a Classic Style Delta Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet Diverter Stem  

Place a kitchen towel behind the kitchen faucet to catch a little water, just what in the spout. Grasp the spouts mounting nut, the bottom part of the faucet spout that rest on the base. Turn it by hand counter clockwise until it is loose.  Pull up on the whole spout to remove it. It may be a little tight. Looking down inside the Delta faucet’s spout barrel you will see the diverter stem. Use a large screwdriver or coin to unscrew the Delta faucet diverter. 

Grease the new diverter stems threads with waterproof plumber’s grease; this will help in the removal process next time. Screw the new stem in place.  

Place a small amount of grease on the spout’s O-rings for lubrication. Insert the spout carefully into the faucet. You do not want to damage the O-rings. Slide the kitchen faucet’s spout mounting nut down to the threads. Turn it clockwise to tighten it by hand. Caution—only tighten the spout’s mounting nut by hand, never use tools, you will damage the Delta faucet’s finish.  

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