Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


How to Remove a Glacier Bay Two-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet?  

Two handle Glacier Bay bath faucets are as easy to remove, as they are to install. With a few simple household tools and plumber’s basin wrench, you will have your Glacier Bay faucet removed in no time. Removing a Glacier Bay 2-handle faucet should on take about 30 minutes, or less if are an experienced do-it-yourselfer.

Glacier Bay Faucet Removal  

1.       Open the old Glacier Bay faucet’s cold-water handle and let the water run.

2.       Turn the cold-water supply valve off under the sink until the water stops completely.

3.       Open the hot side faucet handle and let the water run.

4.       Turn the hot-water supply valve handle to the right until the water stops running.

5.       Place a bath towel and small bucket under the water shut off valves; this to catch the remaining water in the supply lines and faucet.

6.       Unscrew the 3/8-inch water supply line compression nuts from the angle stop shut-off valves with a Crescent wrench.

7.       Pull the supply lines out of the angle stops and drain the water into the bucket.

8.       Shine a flashlight up under the sink until you see the upper faucet supply connections.

9.       Unscrew the ½-inch water supply line nuts from each side of the bath faucet’s threaded water inlets using a plumber’s basin wrench. Lock the basin wrench jaws onto the nut and turn it counterclockwise—when looking straight up at it. Caution—wear safety goggles when removing and installing a faucet, debris can fall into your eyes.  

10.   Pull the water supply lines out of the faucet and place them in the bucket.

11.   Remove the old Glacier Bay Faucet mounting lock nuts with the basin wrench.

12.   Turn the head of the basin wrench to the right.

13.   Lock the basin wrench jaws on the lock nuts and turn the left, or counterclockwise to remove them.

14.   Turn the nuts until they are loose enough to remove by hand.

15.   Loosen the lift rod-retaining nut with a crescent wrench. The retaining nut is holding the faucet’s lift rod in the plastic pivot rod extension.

16.   Pull up on the faucet’s lift rod knob to remove the lift rod.

17.   Lift the old Glacier Bay faucet out of the sink by hand.

18.   Clean the surface of the sink with mild soap and warm water.

19.   Dry the sink with clean hand towel.



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