Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


How to Change the Diverter Stem in a Two-Handle Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet  


How to Replace the Side Sprayer Diverter stem in a Glacier Bay Kitchen Sink Faucet 


Repairing a Glacier Bay Two-Handle Acrylic or Metal Lever Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet with Side Sprayer Diverter 


1.    Place a dishtowel behind the kitchen faucet to soak up a small amount of water that will leak out during the faucet repair. 

2.    Turn the faucet’s spout to one side or the other; this will give you more room to work. 

3.    Unscrew the spout’s retaining nut. The round bonnet-retaining nut is located on the top of the spout. Try unscrewing it counterclockwise by hand. If you have, difficulties removing the faucet spout cap by hand wrap a damp washcloth around the cap and try again. If that does not work, use a plumber’s strap wrench. Do not use pliers, the sharp edges of the jaws will irreparably damage the faucets finish.  

4.    Remove the Glacier Bay faucet spout by pulling up the spouts base and twisting it back and forth. When the spout is off, a small amount of water will leak out, this is normal. 

5.    Unscrew the Glacier Bay diverter stem with a nickel or quarter. Yes, all it takes is a little pocket change to remove the stem. Tip- wash the change first, no telling where it came from. Insert the coin into two of the four cuts in the top of the diverter stem. Hold the coin between your fingers, press down on the coin and turn to the left. If you have trouble holding the coin with your fingers, you can hold the coin with a pair of pliers. You are making a large flat tip screwdriver with coin and pliers. Tip- you can easily break the GB diverter stem. If the stem will not rotate without bowing the plastic, stop, replace the faucet spout and fill the inside of the faucet with distilled white vinegar. The naturally occurring acid in the vinegar with loosen the minerals holding the diverter’s threads in place. Let the solution soak for 15 to 30 minutes, and then remove the spout; try turning the diverter with the coin. Tip- you may need to repeat the process several times to be successful.   

6.    Rinse the entire faucet, inside and out, with clean water from the bathroom. You want to remove all traces of the vinegar; if left on the faucets surface, it could eat the finish off over time. 

7.    Apply a thin layer of plumber’s waterproof silicon lubricant to the inside of the faucet spout, and then to the outside of the faucet body and O-rings. Silicone grease will prevent the growth of mineral buildup and corrosion, and make it easier to remove the faucet parts, should you ever need to make this repair in the future.  

8.    Reinstall the Glacier Bay faucet spout by pressing down on the top of the spout’s base with the palm of your hand. Apply pressure evenly while swiveling the spout left to right until the spout is resting against the faucet’s base plate. 

9.    Lubricate the threads of the new Glacier Bay spray diverter stem; do not get any in the small opening at the base of the stem, you may clog the water flow. 

10.  Screw the ne w diverter stem into the faucet by hand as far as you can, and then use the coin to tighten it firmly. Tip-do not over tighten the diverter stem, you can break it. 

11.  Grease the inside of the spout cap threads with thin layer of plumber’s silicone lubricant. 

12.  Screw the Glacier Bay two-handle spout cap back on the top of the faucet by hand only.


Where You Can Find the Kitchen Sink Side Spray Diverter for Glacier Bay Faucets, Pegasus Faucets, Premiere Faucets, Luxury Line Faucets, Universal Faucets, Aqueous Faucets and Many More. 


The kitchen sprayer diverter goes by many different faucet part numbers depending on the manufacture. RP70007 and A1099 are the most popular. If your faucet is still under warranty, you can ask the manufacturer to send you the parts free. 


These are a few places you can locate your diverter, 
Faucet Parts Plus 
Glacier Bay Faucet Parts Phone Number- 1-888-328-2383 
Pegasus Faucet Parts Phone Number- 1-877-580-5682 
Aqueous Faucet Parts Phone Number-1- 877-319-3757 



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