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How do you Change the Seat and Spring in a Glacier Bay 2-Handle Bath Faucet?  

Some older models of Glacier Bay bath faucets are still on the market. These faucets use a seat, spring and cartridge operation system. This system is almost identical to the original Delta faucet seat and spring design. In fact, many of the older Delta faucet parts will interchange with some Glacier Bay bath faucets. It is always best to use original Glacier Bay faucet parts, when you can find them. Changing the seat and springs in a 2-handle Glacier Bay bath faucet is relatively easy for anyone to do. The whole job should only take about 20 minutes.

1.       Shut off the water to the hot and or cold side of the faucet.

2.       Open the knob or lever handle to make sure the stops entirely. If the faucet is dripping just a little, you can still work on the faucet. If the water is coming out in a stem, replace the water shut-off valve before continuing.

3.       Remove the faucet’s handles or handle if you are repair both side s of the faucet at the same time. We recommend that you do repair both sides of the Glacier Bay bath faucet at the same time. This will eliminate having to come back and repair the other side next week.

4.       Place a hand towel behind the faucet to catch and water overflow.

5.       Unscrew the faucet’s cartridge bonnet nut that holds the cartridge in the faucet. Use an adjustable wrench to keep from scratching the faucet’s finish.

6.       Lift out the Glacier Bay faucet cartridge and friction washer from the faucet by hand. If it is difficult to remove the cartridge, you can use a pair of pliers.

7.       With a small screwdriver, remove the black rubber faucet seat and metal spring. They are located under the stem cartridge in a small port opening.

8.       Clean the inside of the faucet with a clean rag. If there is evidence of scale, a white crusty mineral buildup, clean it out of the faucet by pouring a cap full of vinegar into the faucet and letting it soak for 15 minutes.

9.       Turn the water on just enough to rinse the vinegar out of the faucet.

10.   Dry the faucet barrel out again with a clean rag.

11.   Slide a new Glacier Bay seat and spring up on the small screwdriver.

12.   Insert the screwdriver into the small port in the bottom of the cartridge barrel.

13.   Slide the spring first, and then the rubber seat into the port and secure them with one finger.

14.   Install a new Glacier Bay faucet cartridge into the faucet by ling up the guides on the stem and barrel.

15.   Place the plastic slip ring on top of the cartridge.

16.   Screw the bonnet nut on the bath faucet by hand.

17.   Tighten the nut with your adjustable wrench. Caution—do not over tighten the bonnet nut, you can damage the nut and faucet.

18.   Remove the handle setscrew from the old faucet cartridge and screw it into the new stem with a flat screwdriver.

19.   Set the handle on the cartridge stem and test the handles alignment. If it does not shutoff in the correct position, remove the faucet cartridge and rotate it 180 degrees; reinstall the bonnet nut.

20.   Tighten the handle setscrew or handle screw depending on your Glacier Bay faucet model.



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