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How do I shut the water off to my faucet?

In most cases, there will be individual hot and cold-water shut-off valve located under the sink you are working on. Some of these shut-off valves will be chrome plated, and some will rough brass with no shiny coating. Quarter-turn stops with small lever type handles close by turning the handle 90 degrees to the right, or clockwise. Multi-turn stop valves use a clear plastic, chrome plated plastic, or metal oval shaped handle. You will need to turn the oval shaped handle to the right or clockwise several times until the water stops.

In some cases, there will be a larger brass gate valve, ball valve or globe valve used as a fixture shut-off. These valves are generally for larger appliances and plumbing fixtures; however, some plumbers and do-it-yourselfers prefer the strength and durability of a heavier solid brass valve. Their handles are round, oval or lever. Turn the handle clockwise to the right until it stops. Some of these valves have many threads, it may take multiple turn until they close off completely. The lever handle valve will close by turning it 90 degrees to the right.

There are new plastic push-fit valves on the market that have small plastic lever handle that turns off a ¼ turn to the right.

If the handle keeps on turning and turning and never stops, the valve is broken, replace the valve as soon as possible.

Shut off valves and shut-off valve handle come in a wide array of colors. Normally a red handle would be for the hot-water line, and blue handle for the cold-water line. This may not always be the case. Always follow the supply line down from the faucet to locate the exact shut-off valve you need to turn off.

If you do not see any shut-off or stop valves under the sink, you will need to find the main water supply valve, and shut it off.

If you cannot where to shut the water supply off to the faucet, contact your water utility company to locate the valve for you. In some cases, water utility companies will want to shut the water off themselves.




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