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Glacier Bay TeaPot Single-Handle Tub and Shower in Chrome  Model 875-0001 and Pegasus 699-427L    


Glacier Bay Single-Handle Tub and Shower in Chrome Model 875-0001 and Pegasus 699-427L  

How to repair a Glacier Bay Pegasus Single-Handle Tub and Shower in Chrome   Model 875-0001 and Pegasus 699-427L 

Removing a Pegasus Glacier Bay Faucet Cartridge  

1.      Close the main water supply to the residence at the water meter, well house or basement shut-off valve. 

2.      Open an outside hydrant to drain the water pressure. 

3.      Open the faucet to allow the plumbing system to drain. 

4.      Remove the index button on the end of the faucet handle. You can normally pop it out by hand, if not; carefully pry the cap lose with a dull metal blade, like a butter knife. 

5.      Disconnect the handle by unscrewing the handle retaining screw with a Phillips screwdriver. 

6.      Pull the handle and small plastic handle stem connector off the faucet cartridge stem. 

7.      Unscrew the bonnet nut holding the faucet cartridge in place counterclockwise with a large pair of Channellocks. Tip-only turn the bonnet nut on its flat sections towards the front of the nut or you will damage the finish.  

8.      Remove the stem cartridge with a pair of pliers. 

Installing a Glacier Bay Pegasus Stem Cartridge 

1.      Insert the new faucet cartridge by lining up its wings with the grooves in the faucet body.  

2.      Push the cartridge in by hand. 

3.      Grease the threads of the bonnet nut with waterproof grease or Vaseline. 

4.      Screw the bonnet on the faucet by hand, and then secure with Channellocks. 

5.      Reinstall the handle/stem connector and faucet handle. 

6.      Install the handle retaining screw. 

7.      Snap the index button back in place on the top of the faucet handle. 

8.      Turn the main water supply back on slowly. 

9.      Turn the faucet on and check the water temperature; if you need to adjust the temperature, remove the handle and turn the adjustment lever on the front of the cartridge stem to the right to raise the temperature or to the left to lower it.  

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