Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Glacier Bay Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet with Glacier Bay Ceramic Disc Cartridge Model  F81B4002CP   



How to Repair a Glacier Bay Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet with a Ceramic Disc Cartridge  

1.      Locate the water shut-off valves under the kitchen sink. 

2.      Open the faucet about half way--hot and cold. 

3.      Rotate the water shut-off valve handles clockwise until the water stops flowing from the faucet. 

4.      Elevate the kitchen faucet handle up until you see the small opening under the lever. Some faucets will have a small red and blue index button cap covering the setscrew port. 

5.      Remove the index button with your fingers. 

6.      Insert a hex wrench into the setscrew and turn it counterclockwise just enough to loosen the handle. You do not need to remove the setscrew. 

7.      Lift the handle off the ceramic disc cartridge stem. 

8.      Grasp the top of the faucet, the bonnet, and turn it counterclockwise by hand. Do not you pliers to remove the top, you will damage the faucets finish. If you have to use a tool, use a small plumber’s strap wrench. 

9.      Pull the Glacier Bay/Delta/Peerless ceramic disc cartridge straight up out of the faucet. 

10.  Clean any debris from inside of the faucet with clean washcloth. 

11.  Apply a small amount of plumber’s silicon lubricant to the O-rings on the ceramic disc cartridge. 

12.  Insert the cartridge into the top of the single-handle faucet. Line the holes in the faucet with the knobs on the cartridge. The cartridge must fit perfectly into place. If the O-rings damaged, replace them before installing the cartridge. 

13.  Coat the threads inside the faucet bonnet with a little plumber’s silicon lubricant. This will make it easier to remove the bonnet and prevent mineral build up and corrosion. 

14.  Reinstall the lever handle. 

15.  Remove the Glacier Bay faucet aerator. This will prevent any trash or debris loosened by the faucet repair from clogging the aerator screens. 

16.  Turn the water back on under the kitchen sink by turning the valve handle counterclockwise until they stop. 

17.  Turn the faucet on and move the handle left to right several times and then shut it off.  

18.  Replace the aerator. 

19.  Inspect the faucet for leaks around the faucet’s base, spout and handle. 






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