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Glacier Bay Single Handle Kitchen Faucet w/Side Sprayer  Model 65875-2101,  65875-2001 and 817-572    


How to Repair a Glacier Bay Single Handle Kitchen Faucet Models 65875-2001, 817-572 an d 65875-2101  


The instructions for repairing or rebuilding a Glacier Bay single-handle kitchen sink faucet model 65875-2001 or 65875-2101  are almost identical to the instructions for repairing an old style Delta Single-handle kitchen sink faucet, Luxury Line single-handle kitchen sink faucets, Aqueous single-handle kitchen sink faucets and many others that use the same metal spring, rubber seat washer and ball design. In fact, you may be able to interchange the repair parts for many of these faucet brands. These faucet instructions are for single handle faucets with or without a side sprayer using the seat-and-spring operating system. Make sure you are installing the correct parts for our specific faucet.  


Tools and parts you may want to have on hand are,  

1/8th inch Hex wrench 

Needle-nose pliers 

Crescent wrench 

Flat-jaw pump pliers 

Small flat-tip screwdriver 

Slip joint pliers 

Distilled white vinegar  

Clean rags 

Plumber’s silicon grease 

Glacier Bay kitchen faucet rebuilding kit 



1.      Find the water shut-off valve(s) that supply the faucet, both hot and cold. In most cases, there are two small water stop valves located under the kitchen sink. If you have no valves under your kitchen sink, find the main water supply to the house. 

2.      Open the faucet about half way and let the water run while you close the water valves. This way you know when they’re shut off. Turn the handle of each valve clockwise until it stops to close. If the stops or main valve does no shut down completely, replace them first. Do not try to repair a faucet with the water still flowing. 

3.      Block off the kitchen sink drain(s) with stoppers or towel. Small faucet parts love to disappear down drain lines. 

4.      Place a good size towel behind the faucet to absorb a little water that will overflow from the faucet during your repair.   

5.      Loosen the setscrew located inside the base of the Glacier Bay faucet handle-RP13094, inside the small hole under the lever. Use a 1/8th inch hex wrench to loosen the Glacier Bay setscrew-RP50054, insert the wrench through the opening and seat it firmly into the setscrew, rotate the hex wrench to the left, or counterclockwise, several times. You do not need to remove the screw to repair the faucet. If the setscrew is difficult to turn, the best product to loosen the corrosion is distilled white vinegar. The trick is getting it into the small hole and to the setscrew.  

6.      Lift the handle off the faucets stem and set it to the side. 

7.      Loosen the white plastic Glacier Bay adjustment ring-RP70138, located directly below the faucet handle and to the inside of the faucet top cap. Use the opened end of a pair of needle pliers to turn the adjustment ring two full turns to the left. This will allow you to remove the Glacier Bay cap-RP80179 a little easier.  

8.      Grasp the dome shaped nut on the top of the faucet, and turn it the left, by hand if possible, until removed. If it is too tight to turn by hand, use a pair of flat jaw slip joint pliers or large adjustable wrench. If the cap is still too hard to turn, wrap a washcloth soaked in vinegar around the cap and let it set 10 minutes. Repeat until you are able break the cap loose. The vinegar will slowly loosen the mineral buildup that is locking the nut in place. 

9.      Lift the cam and ball assembly out of the faucet’s body by hand. Hold the metal stem on top of the ball and pull straight up. The Glacier Bay cam and Ball assembly consists of a plastic cam-RP70107 that presses on the cam washer packing-RP70108 to seal the mixer ball-RP22007. The cam also guides the ball stem into the hot, cold and off positions. 

10.  Soak up the remaining water inside the faucet with a clean dry cloth.  

11.  Remove the Glacier Bay seats and springs-RP22008 from the bottom of the faucet. Looking down inside the faucet you will see two black rubber washers, or seats. Under the seats are two small metal springs. The springs hold the seats against the mixer ball to seal the water flow. Use your needle-nose pliers or the hex wrench to pull the seats and springs out of the faucet. You will also see a third opening inside the faucet in front of the seats. This opening is the flow port for the spout and side sprayer. Do not insert any faucet parts into this front faucet port unless you are cleaning the water lines. 

12.  Remove the faucet spout by pulling it in an upward direction and slowly swiveling it back and forth. This is easier on some faucets than others are. After you remove the spout, you will see two large black rubber O-rings and (in faucets with side sprayers) a small white plastic faucet part inside the front of the faucet body. The O-rings seal the faucet’s spout from leaking, and allow it to swing back and forth. The small white plastic part is the faucet’s diverter stem. 

13.    Remove the Glacier Bay spray diver stem-RP70037 from the front of the faucet body. The spray diverter should just fall out in your hand, although, you may need to pry it gently with your pliers. 

14.  Remove the O-rings from their grooves on the faucet body. Use your needle-nose pliers or a small flat tip screwdriver to pry the O-rings off the faucet body. Don’t worry about tearing them, you will install new ones shortly. 

15.  Clean the inside and outside of the brass faucet body. If there, is a layer or spots of white mineral buildup that look and feel like concrete, use a small piece of emery cloth to sand it smooth. Turn the cold-water stop valve under the sink on just a little; this will wash the debris out of the faucet, and then turn the water back off quickly. Wipe the faucet down again with a clean cloth. 

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