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Installing a Glacier Bay/Delta/Peerless/Aqueous/Luxury Line Kitchen Sink Faucet Repair Kit 


16.  Apply a layer of plumber’s waterproof silicon grease to the large Glacier Bay O-rings-RP60074 that fit around the outside of the faucet body.  

17.  Role the greased O-rings down over the top of the faucet body into their respective grooves. Use a small flat tip screwdriver; carefully guide each O-ring into position. The O-rings need to be straight and not twisted in any way. 

18.  Grease the plastic friction ring located at the bottom of the faucet body, resting on the base plate. This friction ring helps the spout to glide freely. 

19.  Apply a thin layer of plumber’s silicon grease to the inside of the faucet spout. 

20.  Insert a new Glacier Bay diverter stem-RP70037 into the front side of the kitchen faucet body (If your faucets designed with one). It should hold itself in place, if not; put a little grease on it to make it stick. 

21.   Slide the faucet spout down over the faucet body. Hold the base of the spout level with the top of the faucet body and gently push the spout down with palm of your hand. Slowly turn the spout left and right while pushing down. The spout should slide on easily. If not, make sure you used the correct O-rings, and that they are well lubricated. 

22.  Insert the new Glacier Bay seats and springs-RP22008 into the back two ports inside the faucet body. Slide the seat and small end of the spring up on the hex wrench. Aim the wrench into the port and slide them down into the faucet. You will need to work the rubber seat into the port with your finger. Repeat for the second set of seats and springs. Some plumbers like to put a small amount of grease on the seats before they install them. 

23.  Install the new Glacier Bay stainless steel ball-RP22007. Line up the long slot in the side of the mixer ball with the small metal guide sticking out from the top of the faucet body toward the inside of the faucet. Set the ball into the faucet with the stem sticking straight up. The ball must align correctly in order for the faucet to operate. You can coat the ball with grease before you install it.   

24.  Set the Glacier Bay cam washer-RP70108 on top of the ball, rubber side down. Grease is ok on the rubber side of the cam packing as well. 

25.  Set the plastic Glacier Bay cam-RP70107 in place on top of the cam-packing washer. The triangle-shape stem guide in the center of the cam must face forward, and the small plastic arm on the side of the cam must set into the notch in the top of the faucet body. Depending on the strength of the new metal springs, they will push up on the cam assembly and not allow the cam to stay in alignment. This is ok for now. 

26.  Grease the inside treads of the cap and the outside threads of the faucet body lightly. This will keep corrosion and mineral buildup from locking the threads together.   

27.  Slide the Glacier Bay cap-RP80179 up on your index finger with the Glacier Bay adjusting ring-RP70138 facing up. Press down on the cam with the same finger and let the cap slide down on top of the faucet body. Hold the cam in place one finger; use your other hand to screw the cap onto the faucet body as tightly as you can by hand. Do not use any tool to tighten the cap at this time. 

28.  Tighten the adjustment ring with your needle-nose pliers. Spread the end of the pliers open and set the ends of the pliers into the grooves on the top of the adjustment ring. Turn the ring clockwise until you feel tension on the pliers.  

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