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Glacier Bay Glacier Bay - Single Handle 4 In. Lavatory Model 67094-6001 and 793-950    



How to Repair a Glacier Bay Single Handle 4-inch Centerset Bathroom Lavatory Faucet Model Number 67094-6001 and 793-950   


The Glacier Bay single-handle bathroom faucet 67094-6001, with acrylic ball handle has the same basic design as the old style Delta bath faucet with ball handle. You can even interchange the ball and cam assembly from Glacier Bay to Delta and vice versa. Danco, a leading faucet parts distributor, sells a universal aftermarket Delta faucet-repair kit that includes the Delta, Peerless and Glacier Bay names together on the package label. I know I do not like to wait for faucet repair parts via snail-mail, which can take weeks. I recommend using aftermarket faucet parts only as a temporary faucet repair fix. You still need to order the original faucet parts from the manufacture when repairing any faucet, but to get us by we do what have to.  


1.      Open the Glacier Bay acrylic ball handle and let the water run slowly while you turn off the water supply stop valves under the bathroom sink. Turn the small chrome handles clockwise until the water stops flowing from the lavatory faucet. If the water does not stop, install new shut-offs before repairing the faucet. If you do not have the time or expertise to replace the lavatory shutoff valves, you will need to turn off the main water supply  to the residence. 

2.      Close the popup drain by lifting the rod that controls the stopper. If you do not have stopper, push a washcloth into the drain opening just enough to stop any small parts from falling down the drain opening. 

3.      Remove the plastic screw cap-RP10034, or index button, from the top of the handle. You can usually pop it out by hand. If it is too tight, use a small flat blade screwdriver to help pry it out. Set the index button to the side. 

4.      Unscrew the handle screw-RP50013 with a #2 Phillips screwdriver; turn the screw counterclockwise to remove.  

5.      Lift the acrylic Glacier Bay lavatory faucet handle-RP13093 off the handle/stem connector-RP70109. This small piece adapts the handle do the mixer ball stem.  

6.      Loosen the setscrew that holds the connector to the balls stem with a hex wrench; sometimes called an Allen wrench. You do not need to remove the setscrew from the adaptor to remove it, just loosen it by turning it counterclockwise a few turns.  

7.      Pull the handle’s connecting adaptor off the mixer ball stem and set it aside. 

8.      Loosen the plastic adjusting ring in the center of the metal retaining cap. The Delta/Glacier Bay single-handle faucet repair kit should come with a special tool equipped with an Allen wrench on one side, and a flat section of metal on the other with two prongs on the end of the tool are to turn the adjusting ring. Set the two metal prongs of the tool into the grooves of the plastic adjusting ring and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it just a little. This will make it easier to remove the cap. If you do not have this tool, you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to turn the adjusting ring; part number RP70138. 

9.      Unscrew the Glacier Bay faucet cap nut to the left when removing it. There is a flat grooved area on the top of the cap. This flat area is for unscrewing the cap with a smooth jaw pipe wrench or flat jaw slip joint pliers. If you can, just remove the cap-RP80108 by hand. This avoids scratching the faucets finish. 

10.  Lift the faucet’s ball and cam assembly out of the faucet body. The Glacier Bay ball and cam assembly includes the cam-RP70107, which is the guide for the faucet stem. The Cam washer-RP70108 seals the ball from leaking and allows the ball to slide freely, and the mixer ball-RP22007. 

11.  Remove the rubber seats and metal springs-RP22008 from underneath the mixer ball. In the bottom of the faucet body, you should see two black rubber washers called seats, which is how they got away with referring to them as washer less faucets. Remove the seats with one of the hooks on your faucet repair tool, or use a pair of needle nose pliers. 

12.  Remove the metal springs that are located under the seats the same way. 

13.  Inspect the surface of the inner faucet body for imperfections and mineral build up. If there is a heavy coating of white sediment from calcium and lime deposits, pour a 1/8th of a cup of white vinegar into the faucet. Let it set for 15 minutes, and the clean it out along with only debris.  

14.  Turn the cold-water valve under the sink on just enough to wash out the vinegar. Place a hand towel behind the faucet to catch water and it into the sink. Wash the faucet off with mild dish soap and water to remove and residual vinegar from the faucet as soon as possible to prevent damaging the finish. 

15.  Insert the two new Glacier Bay metal springs with the large down into the inlet ports. 

16.  Place the open end of the new rubber seats on top of the small end of the metal springs, and then work them into place with your finger. 

17.  Apply a thin layer of silicon grease to the top of the seats and all around the mixer ball. 

18.  Set the mixer ball in the faucet by lining the guide slot in the side of the ball with the metal guide tip on the top of the faucet barrel.  

19.   Lay the cam washer on top of the mixer ball, and then the cam on top of washer. 

20.  Screw the dome shaped cap back on the faucet by hand firmly. 

21.  Tighten the adjustment ring until it is secure-do not over tighten the ring. 

22.  Pull the mixer ball stem down into the faucets off position. 

23.  Turn the water back on to the faucet. 

24.  Remove the Glacier Bay faucet aerator-RP30063 from the end of the faucet’s spout by turning it counterclockwise when looking down from the top of the faucet. This will keep it from clogging with debris from the old water lines. 

25.  Work the stem up and down a few times by hand to clear any trash from the faucet and to check for leaks around the adjusting ring and cap. If there is any water evident on the cam, tighten the adjusting ring a quarter turn, dry the top of the cam and turn the water on and off a few more times to check for leaks again. 

26.  Reinstall the faucet’s aerator.   

27.  Slide the handle adaptor on the ball stem and tighten the setscrew with the Allen wrench. 

28.  Set the handle on the connector, and then install the handle screw and index button. 


Congratulations-You have just finished repairing your Glacier Bay single handle 4-inch bathroom Faucet model-number 67094-6001 and 793-950. 


Check out this YouTube Video on repairing a Delta Faucet as a Reference 




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