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Glacier Bay Rope Series Double Handle Lavatory Faucet in Chrome and Polished Brass Trim  Model F50A2202CPBV   


How to Repair a Glacier Bay Rope Series Double Handle Four Inch Centerset Lavatory Faucet in Chrome and Polished Brass Trim Models F50A2202CPBV, 397-720, 397-750, 704-510, 704-648, 136-011, 136-062, 102-856, 102-823, 398-248, 351-040, N6D668PB, N6D210CP, N64676CP, N64676PB, N6D168CP, N6D168PB, N6D003CP, N6D167BN/PB, N6D062CP/PB and N6D668CP  

How to Prepare Your Glacier Bay Double Rope Handle Faucet for Repair 

1.      Close the water off to the faucet under the bathroom sink, or shut off the main water supply.  

2.      Open both your faucet’s handles to relieve the pressure before you remove the cartridges. 

3.      Close the faucet’s pop-up drain, or block the drain with a washcloth, to prevent loosing small faucet parts.  

4.      Spread a hand towel out beside the sink to place the faucet parts on. This helps keep the faucet parts organized.   

How to Remove Glacier Bay Rope Handles 

1.      Remove each Glacier Bay rope handle’s top cap by prying it off with a small screwdriver; careful not to scratch the finish. 

2.      Unscrew each rope handle screw with a Phillips screwdriver; turn them to the left. 

3.      Lift each handle off the faucet and set them to the side.  

How to remove Glacier Bay Decorative Lever Handles 

1.      Pop out the small index button on the top of each Glacier Bay lever handle. Try removing them by hand first, if they are too tight, use a screwdriver or knife. Caution- You can easily scratch the handle. 

2.      Remove the handle screws with a Phillips screwdriver; turn them counterclockwise. 

3.      Pull each handle from their cartridge stems by hand, and then set them aside on the towel. 

How to remove Your Glacier Bay Faucet Cartridges   

1.      Loosen the ceramic disc cartridge retaining nuts counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench.  

2.      Remove the nuts by hand and set them on the towel. 

3.      Pull the Glacier Bay faucet cartridges out of the faucet body with a pair of pliers. 

4.      Clean the inside of each cartridge barrel with a clean dry cloth. 

How to Install Rope Handle Glacier Bay Ceramic Disc Faucet Cartridges 

1.      Apply a thin coating of plumber’s waterproof silicone grease to the bottom of the new Glacier Bay ceramic disc cartridge. 

2.      Guide the small plastic wings, on each side of the washer-less cartridge, down into the notches on top of each cartridge barrel. 

3.      The red one goes in on the left side and blue one goes in on the right side.  

4.      Press the cartridges into the faucet by hand only. 

5.      Screw the bonnet retaining nuts on each side of the faucet by hand. 

6.      Turn each nut an additional 90 degrees with your adjustable wrench to secure the new ceramic cartridges in place. Caution-you can over tighten the bonnet nuts. 

How to Install Glacier Bay Rope Style and Lever Style Handles 

1.      Set each handle on their stem. Do not install screw, yet. 

2.      Rotate the handle to make sure they turn off and on in the right place. If not, remove the cartridge and turn it 180 degrees, or switch the cartridge positions. 

3.      Remove the faucet aerator. 

4.      Turn the water back on slowly. 

5.      Open both hot and cold faucets slowly. Let the water run for 15 seconds, and then shut it off. 

6.      Pull the handle off and look for signs of water around the cartridge retaining nuts. If you see water leaking or dripping, tighten the nuts another quarter turn and test the faucet again. 

7.      Install each handle screw into the cartridges firmly; do not over tighten or you will ruin the new Glacier Bay ceramic disc cartridge stem. 

8.      Snap the index button back into each handle with the “C” on the right and “H” on the left. 

9.      Turn the Rope handles on and off several times to insure that the handle screws are tight and there are no drips or leaks anywhere. Wipe your bathroom lavatory faucet clean with a soft dry cloth. 





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