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Glacier Bay Pegasus Faucet Instructions for the Teapot 8 Inch Widespread 2-Handle Faucet in Polished Brass or Chrome Models 102-922 L, 173-418 L, 67101-6002and 861-0302   



Glacier Bay Pegasus Teapot 8 Inch Widespread 2-Handle Faucet in Polished Brass or Chrome Models 102-922L, 173-418L,  861-0302 and Glacier Bay Pegasus Teapot 8 Inch Widespread 2-Handle Faucet in Polished Brass or Chrome Models 102-922L, 173-418L,  861-0302 and 67101-6002  


How to Repair a Pegasus Glacier Bay Teapot 8-Inch Widespread 2-Handle Faucet in Polished Brass Models 102-922L, 173-418L, 861-0302 and 67101-6002

1.      Close off the water supplies providing water to the faucet. There are normally two small shut off valves, one for hot water and one for cold-water located under the sink or lavatory.  Turn the handles of the valves clockwise until they stop. Open both teapot faucets handles to make sure the waters shut off completely. If the water does not stop, you will need to close the main water supply valve feeding the residence. 

2.      Remove the index buttons from the top of each Pegasus faucet handle. You should be able to pop them out with your fingers or a plastic utensil. Caution- do not use sharp metal tools to remove the index button, you can easily damage the faucet. 

3.      Unscrew the handle retaining screw with a Phillips screwdriver. Turn the screw counterclockwise until you can remove the top lever section of the Glacier Bay faucet handle.  

4.      Unscrew the base of the faucet handle by hand if possible. Turn the base counterclockwise to remove it. If the base sticks, you can use a plumber’s strap wrench. Caution-Do not use sharp pliers or wrenches to turn the handle base, you will damage the faucet irreparably.  If the whole faucet valve begins to turn while you are removing the handle base, hold a backup wrench on the valve from under the lavatory. Be sure to re-align the valve before finishing the faucet repair. Use a plumper’s basin or sink wrench to tighten the valves mounting nut. Warning-In rare cases, the stem and cartridge will unscrew with the base. It is difficult, but not imposable to remove the faucet cartridge out of the handle base.  

5.      Remove the Pegasus Glacier Bay faucet cartridge with an adjustable wrench. Turn the cartridge counter-clockwise. You may need to hold a backup wrench on the valve from underneath the sink if it turns with the cartridge. 

6.      Clean any debris or mineral buildup from the inside of the faucet valve with a clean dry cloth. If there is heavy mineral sediment, use a small piece of plumber’s emery-cloth the sand the buildup smooth. 

7.      Turn the water on just a tiny bit to washout the tiny particles on debris before you install the new Glacer Bay faucet stem. Wrap a hand towel around the back of the valve and hold a cup or glass over the top of the valve opening before you turn the water on. Let the water run few a second or two and then turn is off immediately. Caution- This could easily turn into a flood situation. If you are not comfortable with any of the processes described in any of these articles, do not attempt them. 

8.      Apply a thin layer of plumber’s waterproof silicone grease or lubricant to the inside of the faucet valve body and threads, and the outside of the new Pegasus Glaciar Bay faucet cartridge and its threads. This will make it easier to remove the cartridge in the future, and it prevents mineral buildup.  

9.      Screw the new widespread faucet cartridge into its valve by hand. Tighten the cartridge securely with your adjustable wrench. There is no need to over tighten the cartridge, the actual seal is located on the base of the cartridge. Make sure you have the correct cartridge in the right valve. The is red base on the hot cartridge which goes on the left, and blue base on the cold faucet cartridge that goes in on the right side of the faucet.  

10.  Screw the handle base onto the top of the cartridge stem. Tighten the base by hand only. If the valve turns during the handle base installation, tighten the valves mounting nut until the valve is secure. 

11.  Turn the Pegasus faucet cartridge stems to their off positions, the right or cold faucet stem counterclockwise and the left or hot faucet stem clockwise until they stop. 

12.  Temporarily set the faucet handles on the stems. 

13.  Slowly turn the water back on to both the hot and cold sides of the faucet. 

14.  Remove the faucet aerator to prevent it from clogging with debris. 

15.  Turn the cold side of the faucet on slowly until it is full open and water is flowing freely. 

16.  Turn the hot side on slowly until it is full open. 

17.  Turn both faucets off and replace the aerator. 

18.  Reinstall the handle retaining screw, and then the top cap or index button. 

19.  Inspect the faucet for leaks all around the handles and handle bases.  

Troubleshooting Your Glacier Bay Pegasus Teapot 8-Inch Widespread 2-Handle Faucet in Polished Brass or Chrome Models 102-922L, 173-418L, 861-0302 and 67101-6002 

Water is dripping from the faucet spout. 

Replace both hot and cold Glacier Bay cartridges. 

Water is leaking from around the handle base or top of handle. 

Replace both hot and cold Pegasus faucet cartridges. 

The handle on my Glacier Bay Teapot faucet is hard to turn and makes noise. 

Replace the faucet cartridge. 

How do I tighten the lever handle on my Pegasus wide spread faucet? 

If the lever is loose, turn the lever retaining screw clockwise. It is the small ball end of the lever handle. If it is the whole top of the handle, remove the index button and tighten the handle retaining screw.  

The faucet valve turns when I shut off or turn on the faucet. 

Line up the faucet handles, and then tighten the valves mounting nut with a basin wrench. This may take more than one person. 

My faucet handles do not turn off in the correct positions, how do I fix it? 

Remove and switch the Glacier Bay Pegasus faucet cartridges. 

My faucet handles keep turning around and will not shut off the water. 

Replacing the faucet cartridge should fix this problem. 

Where can I find replacement parts for my Glacier Bay Pegasus Teapot wide spread faucet? 

You can check online for Glacier Bay Faucet Parts. There several phone numbers you can call-1-888-328-2383,-1-877-580-5682 or-1-877-580-lotain Canada. 






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