Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Glacier Bay Four Inch 2-Handle Laundry Faucet Chrome Models 67236-0001, 422-0401 and 780-445   


How to Repair Glacier Bay Four Inch 2-Handle Laundry Faucets in Chrome Models 67236-0001, 422-0401 and 780-445    

How to Remove the Acrylic Knobs from Your Glacier Bay Laundry Faucet  

1.      Turn the water off to the laundry faucet before you begin any work. 

2.      Open the both faucet handles to drain the leftover water pressure. 

3.      Close the sink drain with a stopper or towel. 

4.      Pop-out the hot screw cap-RP10028 with your fingers or a small flat blade tool. The screw caps are located on top of each acrylic handle. 

5.      Pop the other cold screw cap-RP10029 out of the right handle. 

6.      Unscrew both handle setscrews-RP50013 with a Phillips screwdriver. Turn them counterclockwise to remove each. 

7.      Lift the handles off the faucet stems. 

How to Remove the Metal Handles from Your Glacier Bay Laundry Faucet  

1.      Remove the small index button from the top each metal handle with a small screwdriver. 

2.      Turn the screws to the left to remove them with a #2 Philips screwdriver. 

3.      Pull the handles off each faucet stem. 

How to Replace the Faucet Cartridges and Seats/Springs in Your Glacier Bay Laundry Faucet 

1.      Loosen the bonnet retaining nuts-RP70193, holding each faucet cartridge in place, with a Crescent wrench. Turn each nut counter-clockwise.  

2.      Place a towel behind the Glacier Bay faucet to absorb a little water that may overflow from the faucet. 

3.      Remove the bonnet nuts by hand. 

4.      Lift off the Glacier Bay friction washers-RP64124 off each cartridge. 

5.      Pull the both hot and cold cartridge stems-RP22012 from out of the faucet with a pair of pliers. 

6.      Hook the small rubber seats and the metal springs with your screwdriver, and then remove them from each faucet barrel.  

7.      Wipe the inside of each barrel with a clean dry cloth. 

8.      Install a new set of Glacier Bay seats and springs-RP22008, one set in each small opening in the bottom of each barrel. Place the large end of the spring in first, and then set the large open end of the rubber washer on top of the spring. Work the rubber into the port with your finger. Do not use the screwdriver; you may damage the gasket. 

9.      Line up the wings of each laundry faucet cartridge with the notches cut out of the top of each faucet barrel.  

10.  Push the washer-less cartridges in place by hand. 

11.  Set a friction ring-RP64124 on each cartridge. 

12.  Screw the bonnet nuts by hand, and then tighten firmly with your Crescent wrench.  

13.  Install the acrylic knob handles on each cartridge stem. 

14.  Screw the handles screws into the new Glacier Bay faucet cartridges. 

15.  Snap the index buttons or screw caps-RP10029 and RP10028 back into the top of the handles. 

16.  Turn the water back on and test the faucet for leaks by visually inspecting all the connections you have just made. 

How to Repair a Leaky Glacier Bay Faucet Spout 

1.      Unscrew the round locking ring that connects the faucet spout to the faucet base. Turn the round ring counter clockwise by hand. If you have to use pliers, wrap the nut with electrical or duct tape first; this will protect the faucets finish. 

2.      Pull the telescoping spout out of the faucet base. 

3.      Remove the two O-rings--RP60008 from the spout stem. 

4.      Install two new o-rings. 

5.      Apply a thin layer of plumber’s waterproof silicone grease to the plastic washer-RP64085, the o-rings and the locking ring-RP70106. Also dap a little grease on the spouts mount nut threads, and the threads of the faucet base. 

6.      Reinstall the Glacier Bay laundry faucet spout. 

7.      Turn the water back on and check for leaks. 

How to Tighten a Lose Glacier Bay Faucet 

1.      Tighten the faucets mounting nuts-RP56001 with a basin wrench. 


If water is leaking from the laundry faucets water connection, tighten the water supply coupling nuts-RP56002 with the basin wrench.   


While you are working on your laundry faucet, remove the aerator-RP30031 and aerator spout adaptor-RP30024. Grease the threads of each fitting and reinstall. The plumber’s grease will help prevent corrosion and mineral growth. 





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