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Glacier Bay Faucet Parts Diagram Link--Teapot 4 Inch Two-Handle Lavatory Faucet in Chrome Model 67092-6001, 67092-6001, Polish Brass 67092-6002 and Brushed Nickel and Polished Brass Model Number 67092-6105



How to Repair Your Glacier Bay Teapot 4 Inch Two-Handle Lavatory Faucet in Chrome Model 67092-6001, Polish Brass 67092-6002 and Brushed Nickel and Polished Brass Model Number 67092-6105  

How to Rebuild a Glacier Bay Teapot Faucet Lever Handle 

1.      Unscrew the cap and bolt-RP13006 or RP13009. 

2.      Remove the handle retainer-RP13136 or RP13007 off the end of the cap bolt. 

3.      Slide the lever handle-RP13005 or RP13008 off the handle cap and bolt. 

4.      Install your new Teapot lever handles in reverse order. Hand-tighten the cap and bolt only, do not use any tool(s). 

How to Remove Glacier Bay Teapot Bath Faucet Handles 

1.      Snap out the handle index buttons-RP10002 “C”, and RP10001 “H”, by hand. 

2.      Remove the handle screw-RP50005 under the index button. Holding the lever handle in place with one hand, use your other hand to unscrew the screw with a #2 Phillips screwdriver; turn the screws counterclockwise to remove. 

3.      Lift the hex shaped plastic handle inverters-RP64044 off each faucet cartridge stem.  

How to Replace your Glacier Bay Teapot Bath Faucet Cartridges 

·         Turn off the water supply to the faucet before you begin! 

1.      Open both hot and cold faucet lever handles to relieve the built-up water pressure. 

2.      Place washcloth or hand towel behind the faucet; some water will spill out during the repair. 

3.      Block off the sink drain by raising the faucet’s lift rod by its knob-RP40006 to close the pop-up drain assembly-RP40027.  

4.      Loosen the cartridge retaining nuts-RP70193 with a 10-inch Crescent or adjustable wrench. You can use Channellocks, but they will damage the protective finish of the nut. Only use tools on the top flat hex shape of the handle. 

5.      Finish removing the bonnet nuts by hand and set them to the side. 

6.      Locate the plastic friction washer-RP64123; it will be inside the bonnet or on top of the faucet cartridge. Set the washer to the side with your other faucet parts. 

7.      Remove the Glacier Bay Faucet Cartridges-RP20013 and RP20014 with pliers if necessary. Make a note of the cartridges position in each faucet barrel, this important when you install the stems.  

8.      Clean the inside of the faucet’s cartridge barrel with a screwdriver and clean dry cloth. If there is a heavy buildup of white grit (minerals like calcium and lime), you can remove it with a small piece of plumber’s waterproof emery cloth. If you have to use sand paper, wash the faucet out with water from the bathtub; wipe the faucet out again with a clean dry cloth. 

9.      Apply a thin coating of plumber’s waterproof silicone grease to the inside of both faucet cartridge barrels, and to the bottom, sides and O-ring of the cartridge itself.  

10.  Install the new Glacier Bay faucet cartridges. The hot cartridge-RP20014 goes in on the left side, and the cold one-RP20013 goes in on the right side. Guide the wings on the side of the cartridge into the notches cut into the top of each faucet barrel.  

11.  Press each cartridge into the faucet by hand only; do not use any tool(s) to hammer it in, you will damage them. 

12.  Lay the flat plastic friction washer-RP64123 on top of the cartridge. A small amount of grease on this washer is OK. 

13.  Coat the inside of the bonnet nuts-RP70193 with plumber’s grease, and the outer threads of the cartridge barrels. 

14.  Screw the nuts on the faucet by hand firmly. Turn the nuts an additional 90 degrees with your Crescent wrench. Caution- you can over tighten the nuts; if you have a leak, you can tighten them a little more. 

15.  Install the handle inverters on the Glacier Bay cartridge stems. 

16.  Set both the handles back on the inverters; do not install screws. 

17.  Remove the Teapot aerator-RP30055 from the end of the spout; turn it counterclockwise. 

18.  Open the hot or left side of the faucet. 

19.  Turn the hot water valve on under the sink slowly. A small amount of air and water will spray of the faucet spout. Let the water for 5 seconds and then shut the faucet lever-handle off. Repeat this process for the cold-water side.  

20.  Grease the threads of the aerator and reinstall into the end of the faucet spout. 

21.  Remove the handles and inspect the faucet for water leaks. 

22.  Wipe the faucet clean with soft dry cloth. 

23.  Replace the handles. 

24.  Insert the handle screws-RP50005 and tighten them firmly. Do not over tighten; you will damage the new cartridges.  

25.  Snap the hot index button-RP10001 on the left handle, and then the cold index button-RP10002 on the right handle.  

26.  Turn the faucet on and off several times to insure it working properly. 

Trouble Shooting Your Glacier Bay 4” Teapot Lavatory Bath Faucet 

The index buttons will not stay in the top of the faucet handles 

You can apply a drop of kitchen and bath silicone caulk to index button. Do not use glue or adhesive of any kind; you will ruin the faucet trying to remove them again. 

The handle screw just keeps turning and will not tighten 

The faucet cartridge stems damaged (the threads are stripped out); replace the whole cartridge unit. 

The faucet handle screw is tight, but the handle keeps turning without stopping 

Remove the handle; inspect the cartridge stem, if it’s rounded, replace the cartridge. If the stem looks good, replace the handle inverter. 

There is water leaking from around the top of the cartridge stem 

Replace the cartridge. 

When I shut the faucets off, the water still runs or drips 

Install a new Glacier Bay faucet cartridge. 

Water is dripping from the end my Teapot faucet; will replacing the aerator on the end of the spout fix it? 

You will need to replace the leaking faucet cartridge under each handle on the inside of the faucet. Replacing the aerator will not stop the drip. 

My faucet is sliding around on the lavatory counter, how can I fix it? 

Clear everything out from under the bathroom vanity. Use a flashlight to look up under the sink and find the faucet’s mounting nuts; there will be one on each side of the faucet. Center the faucet on top of the counter, and then tighten the mounting nuts with a plumber’s basin wrench or sink faucet-mounting tool. 

The is little or no water coming out of my faucet 

Remove and clean the aerator. If this does not help, remove and clean the Glacier Bay faucet cartridges. If that does not work, remove the water supply lines from the faucet; point them into a large bucket or pale, and then the water valves on one at time. If there is still no water pressure, you may need to replace the shut-off valves or angle stops under the sink. 

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