Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Glacier Bay Edgewood 4-inch Centerset Two-Handle High-Arc Bathroom Lavatory Faucet in Brushed Nickel Models 462EC-05104 and 419-716  

How to Repair a Glacier Bay Edgewood 4-inch Centerset Two-Handle High-Arc Bathroom Faucet in Brushed Nickel Model 462EC-05104 and 419-716 


1.      Turn off the water supply to your Glacier Bay Edgewood 4-inch centerset two-handle high-arc bathroom sink faucet. Look under the sink for two small shut-off valves with shiny handles. Turn the small clockwise until they stop. Open both the hot and cold faucets to bleed the pressure from supply lines. 

2.      Remove the Glacier Bay Edgewood faucet handles-RP13149. Using a 2.5mm hex wrench, turn the setscrew-RP50002 inside the handle (under the lever) three full turns counterclockwise to loosen the screw holding the handle in place. You may need to turn the screw one or two more times in order to remove the handle. Pull the handle up and off the Glacier Bay faucet stem-set the handle(s) aside on a hand towel our of the work area. 

3.      Unscrew the handle post-RP64044 from the faucet cartridge stem with a Phillips screwdriver. The handle post is the brass screw on top of the faucet stem. 

4.      Pull the hex shaped plastic handle-post stem inverter-RP64044 off the stem by hand and set it aside with the other faucet parts. 

5.      Loosen the cartridge bonnet nut-the round metal faucet part that holds the stem in place. Use an adjustable wrench to turn the bonnet-RP70193 counterclockwise until you can remove it by hand. 

6.      Remove the plastic bonnet-nut fiction washer-RP64123. The friction washer is a thin plastic ring that allows the nut to turn without damaging the cartridge. 

7.      Pull the Glacier Bay faucet cartridges-RP20013 and RP20014 from the faucet body with a pliers. 

8.      Clean the inside of the faucet with a clean cloth. 

9.      Install your new Glacier Bay faucet stems by hand. Coating the stems with plumber’s silicone lubricant before installation will extend the life of the cartridge. 

10.  Reinstall the bonnet friction ring and bonnet nut by hand. Tighten the nut securely with your adjustable wrench. Caution-do not over tighten the nut, you can damage the nut and faucet body. 

11.  Install the inverter and handle-stem screw post. 

12.  Reinstall the faucet handles. 

13.  Remove the Glacier Bay Edgewood aerator-RP30059 with the Glacier Bay aerator removal tool-RP30040. 

14.  Turn the water back on to the faucet. Let the water run for a minute to remove any debris from the faucet and supply lines. Turn he faucet off and inspect the bonnet nuts for signs of water or leaks. 

15.  Reinstall the aerator with the aerator installation tool. 

Troubleshooting a Glacier Bay Edgewood 4-inch Centerset Two-Handle High-Arc Bathroom Lavatory Faucet in Brushed Nickel Models 462EC-05104 and 419-716 

Glacier Bay Edgewood Dripping from Spout 

Replace the Glacier Bay faucet cartridges. 

Glacier Bay Edgewood Leaking from Handles 

Try tightening the bonnet nuts a little. If that does not work, replace the faucet stems. 

Glacier Bay Edgewood Making Noise When Turning Off and On 

You need to replace the faucet cartridges. 

Glacier Bay Edgewood Bath Faucet Handles Turning and not Stopping 

Tighten the handle set screw first. If that does not fix the faucet, you may need to replace the handle stem inverter or the whole cartridge assembly. 

Where and how do I find Glacier Bay Edgewood faucet parts? 

Call 1-877-580-5682 for warranty parts and assistance.  




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