Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Glacier Bay Constructor 4 Inch Double Handle Lavatory Faucet Model 7032E-B6104, 195157, 7032E-B6101 and 7032E-B6104  


How to Repair a Glacier Bay Constructor 4 Inch Double Handle Lavatory Bath Faucet  Model 7032E-B6104, 195157, 7032E-B6101 and 7032E-B6104  

1.      Close the water supply valves to the faucet before beginning your faucet repair. 

2.      Open both lever faucets’ handles. 

3.      Pull the lift rod-RP40006 up to close the lavatory sink drain-RP40027. 

4.      Loosen the handle setscrew-RP50002 with a 2.5mm hex wrench. The setscrew is located in the small opening directly under the handle lever. 

5.      Lift the faucet handle-RP13147 off the handle mounting screw-RP50096. 

6.      Unscrew the Constructor handle mounting screw with a flat-tip screwdriver. 

7.      Place a hand towel behind the faucet to soak up any spilled water. 

8.      Loosen the bonnet cartridge-retaining nut-RP70193 with an adjustable wrench. 

9.      Finish removing the nut by hand. 

10.  Find the thin plastic friction washer-RP64124; it will be inside the nut or on top of the faucet cartridge.  

11.  Remove the washer and set it to the side. 

12.  Pull the Glacier Bay Constructor faucet cartridge-RP22010 out with pliers. 

13.  Dig out the old seats and springs-RP22008, from underneath each faucet cartridge, with a small screwdriver or your hex wrench. 

14.  Wipe the inside of the faucet body clean with a dry cloth. 

15.  Unscrew the Constructor faucet’s aerator-RP30073. 

16.  Insert a new metal spring, large end down, into the faucet’s water inlet ports. 

17.  Lubricate the rubber washers with plumber’s silicone grease. 

18.  Install the seats over the top of each spring; the open end of the rubber seat fits over the spring.  

19.  Lubricate the bottom and sides of the new Glacier Bay Constructor faucet cartridge-RP22010. 

20.  Insert the new cartridges by guiding the wings on the side of the cartridge into the cuts on the top each faucet barrel. Make sure the plastic handle stop on top of each cartridge is facing toward the faucets spout. 

21.   Lubricate, and then set the friction washer-RP64124 on top on the cartridge. 

22.  Screw the bonnet nut-RP70193 on by hand. Grease the inside threads of the nut first. 

23.  Tighten securely with an adjustable wrench; Tip- you can over tighten the nuts and damage the faucet. 

24.  Insert the handle mounting screw into each new cartridge. 

25.  Set the handle-RP13148 on the mounting screws-RP50096 and tighten the setscrew-RP50002. 

26.  Turn the faucets to their closed position. If one of the faucet handles is turning the wrong way, reverse it cartridge installation 180 degrees. 

27.  Open the lavatory sink drain by pushing down on the pop-up assembly-RP40027 lift rod-RP40006. 

28.  Open the water supply valves under the sink and let the water run for a few seconds, and then turn the faucets off. Tip -water may splash out of the sink. 

29.  Reinstall the Glacier Bay Constructor’s aerator. Turn the faucets o and off several times, and then check for leaks around the faucet handles, spout and base. 

Troubleshooting Your Glacier Bay Constructor Bath Faucet 

My lavatory faucet is movable. 

 Tighten the mounting nuts-RP56001 under the sink with a basin wrench. 

There is water leaking from around my faucet’s handles. 

You can try tightening the bonnet nuts. If that does not fix it, replace the cartridges. 

My faucet will not shut off.

Replace the seats and springs-RP22008 and the cartridge stems-RP22010. 

Where do I find parts for my Glacier Bay Faucet? 

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