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Glacier Bay Builders Pull-Out Roman Tub Faucet in Chrome or Brushed Nickel Models FR2P4000CP, FR2P4000BNV, 477-427 and 478-064

How to Repair a Glacier Bay Builders Pull-Out Roman Tub Faucet in Chrome or Brushed Nickel Models FR2P4000CP, FR2P4000BNV,  477-427 and 478-064 

1.       Close the water supply to the faucet under the tub or at the main. 

2.       Open the faucets handles to drain the remaining water pressure. 

3.       Block the tub drain by closing the drain stopper or washcloth. 

4.       Pop out the hot or red index button-A603595H from under the left handle’s lever, and then pop out the blue or cold index button-A603595C from the right handle-A069753. 

5.       Loosen the Roman tub handle’s setscrews with the 2.5mm hex wrench. Insert the wrench through the port where you removed the index buttons. Rotate the setscrew counterclockwise three full turns. 

6.       Lift the handles off the handle adaptors-A66D880. 

7.       Unscrew the handle adaptor’s retaining screws with a Phillips screwdriver. 

8.       Pull the square plastic adaptors off the faucet cartridge stems. 

9.       Loosen the cartridge retaining nut-A016259 with an adjustable crescent wrench. Turn the nuts counterclockwise. If the whole valve starts to turn, use a backup wrench to hold the valve from under the roman tub faucet. Finish by removing the nuts by hand. 

10.   Pull the Glacier Bay Roman Tub Faucet Cartridges out of their valves. Remove the hot ceramic disc cartridge-A507101N from the left valve, and then the cold ceramic disc faucet cartridge-A507102N. 

11.   Wipe the inside of each valve with a clean washcloth. 

12.   Grease the outside of each cartridge with plumber’s silicone lubricant. This will prevent mineral buildup and premature wear; it will also make the cartridges easier to remove should you need to repair the faucet in the future.  

13.   Push each Glacier Bay cartridge into its respective valve. Line-up the wings on the side of each cartridge with the notches in the top of each valve and push them in by hand. 

14.   Grease the inside threads of each cartridge retaining nut with silicone lubricant. 

15.   Screw the cartridge retaining nuts back on the faucets by hand, and then secure them with your adjustable wrench. 

16.   Slip the handle adaptors on each cartridge stem and install the retaining screws in the new cartridges.  

17.   Set the handles on their stems and turn them to their off positions. This may take a time or two to get them just right. 

18.   Remove the setscrews from the handles and drip them into the silicon grease.  

19.   Screw the setscrews back into the handles. 

20.   Tighten the handle setscrews with your hex wrench. 

21.   Reinstall the hot and cold index buttons by hand. 

22.   Open the tub drain. 

23.   Turn the water back on slowly. 

24.   Remove the hand spray-A523854 from the spray hose-A664235. This is to keep any foreign debris from clogging the spray head. 

25.   Aim the open end of the faucet’s spray hose down towards the tub drain. 

26.   Slowly turn the hot water faucet on, and then the cold water. Let the water run for a minute, and then turn the faucet off. 

27.   Replace the pull out roman tub faucet’s spray head. 

28.   Turn the faucet on hot and cold several times. 

29.   Inspect the faucet for leaks around the handles and spout. Check the underside of the faucet and its connections as well. 

Troubleshooting Your Glacier Bay Builders Pull-Out Roman Tub Faucet in Chrome or Brushed Nickel Models FR2P4000CP, FR2P4000BNV,  477-427 and 478-064 

The faucet’s spray head does not pull out all the way. 

Inspect the spray hose for obstructions. You may need to rearrange the plumbing under the tub out of the way of the spray hose.  

It takes forever to fill my tub with water the water is slow. 

Inspect the supply hose-A105778 for kinks. If you find that, the faucet’s supply lines are kinked, remove them and start over. If the supply lines kink each time you try to install them, you will need to replace the hoses with new ones. 

The cold or hot water side of the faucet does not flow as fast as the other does.  

Refer to the step above. 

The faucet valves turn when I turn the handles on and off. 

Line the handles up where you want them to stay. Hold a backup wrench on the valve body-A002570 under the tub. Tighten the valve’s mounting nut with a basin wrench. 

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