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Glacier Bay Builders Double Handle Roman Tub Faucet in Brushed Nickel Model FR0D40001BNV and 816-117   

How to Repair a Glacier Bay Builders Double-Handle Roman Tub Faucet in Brushed Nickel Model FR0D40001BNV and 816-117   

How to Remove Glacier Bay Builders Roman Tub Faucet Handles 

1.      Pop out the small red index button-RP10004 from under the right handle lever. The index button covers the hole where you will find the handle set screw. You should be able to remove the index button with your fingers, if not, use a thin flat metal or plastic blade like a butter knife to pry it out. Caution-do not use sharp edge blades, you will scratch the handle finish.  

2.      Remove the small blue screw-cover index button-RP10005 from under the lever of the left or cold-water handle.  

3.      Loosen the handle setscrews with a 2.5mm or 3/32-inch Allen wrench. Insert the wrench into the opening where you removed the index buttons and guide the wrench into the setscrew. Rotate the screw counterclockwise three full turns. If the Glacier Bay handle setscrews corroded with mineral deposits, you can use a Kitchen Baster to squirt a little distilled white vinegar onto the setscrew through the small opening. Wait about 15 minutes and try to loosen the screw again. You may need to repeat this process several times before the screw will turn. 

4.      Lift the Roman Tub Faucet handles-RP13141 straight up and off their cartridge handle set screws-RP70116. 

How to Remove and Replace the Glacier Bay Faucet Cartridges in a Builders Roman Tub Faucet 

5.       Shut off the individual water supply valves to the Glacier Bay Tub faucet or the main water supply to the residence. Depending on the plumber who installed your faucet, there may be hot and cold water shut off valves located under the bathtub. If you do not have individual fixture shut offs, you will need to shut off the main water supply in the basement, well house or at the municipal city water meter.  

6.      Turn the faucet on. Use a crescent wrench to turn the handle inverters-RP640044 instead of the faucet handles. This way you can make sure the water is off. If the water is dipping a little it is ok, just place a bath towel around the faucet to catch the overflow. Caution-If is running a stream, do not remove the cartridges until you can shut the water off completely.  

7.      Unscrew the handle-cartridge setscrew-RP70116 with a Phillips screwdriver, turning the screws to counterclockwise. If the screws corroded, use a little vinegar to loosen the mineral bond.  

8.      Remove the plastic handle-stem inverters-RP64044 buy hand, or with a pair of pliers. The Glacier Bay handle-stem inverter should come off easily, if not, gently rock it back and forth while pull up. 

9.      Unscrew the cartridge bonnet nut-RP70001 with a 10” adjustable Crescent wrench or large slip joint pump pliers-Channellocks. Hold the flat edges on the top ofnut only, turn the nut counterclockwise with the wrench until you can finish removing it by hand. Tip-if the whole cartridge assembly begins to move when you turn the bonnet nut, you will need to hold the assembly from the underside of the roman tub with Channellocks or an adjustable wrench. 

10.   Pull the Glacier Bay Faucet Cartidges-RP20013 hot and RP20014 cold out of the faucet. You can use your hands or pliers. If the cartridges are difficult to remove, gently move them side to side and pull in an upward direction. Another way to loosen the cartridges is by turning the whole cartridges on its hex shaped top with pliers or a wrench, and then removing it. 

How to Install Glacier Bay Roman Tub Faucet Cartridges 

11.  Wipe the inside of each cartridge barrel assembly with a clean rag. If there is mineral or sediment buildup, use a small piece of plumbers waterproof emery cloth, and sand the minerals until the sides of the cartridge barrels are smooth. Pour a cup of water into each side of the faucet to rinse out any residual debris, and then clean them with a dry cloth one more time. 

12.  Apply a thin coating of plumber’s waterproof silicone lubricant to the onside of the faucet cartridge barrels and to the outside of the faucet cartridges. Silicone lubricant grease will help protect the Glacier Bay faucet parts from corrosion, mineral buildup and premature ware.  

13.  Insert the hot stem-RP20013 in to the left side of the faucet, and then the cold stem-RP20014 in the right side. Line-up the plastic guides on the cartridges with the notches on top of each faucet barrel. Push the cartridge in by hand only.  

14.  Grease the inside threads of the bonnet nut a light coating of plumber’s silicone lubricate. 

15.  Screw the bonnet nut on by hand; be careful not to cross the threads. Tighten the nut firmly with your adjustable wrench or pliers. Caution-do not over tighten the nut. 

16.  Set the small plastic hex shaped stem-to-handle inverter on each cartridge stem. 

17.  Screw in the handle-to-stem setscrew-RP70116 with a Phillips screwdriver. 

18.  Remove the setscrew inside the handle out and dip it into the plumber’s silicone lubricant. This will help the removal process in any future faucet repairs.  

19.  Replace the Glacier Bay Roman Tub Faucet handles on each stem and tighten the setscrew inside the handle with your Allen wrench securely. 

20.  Snap the red index button into the port on the left handle, and then the blue index button into the port on the right handle.  

21.  Turn the water back on slowly, and the faucet. Let the water run for a few minutes while inspecting the faucet for leaks. Shut the faucet off and check for drips. 

Troubleshooting your Glacier Bay Builders Double-Handle Roman Tub Faucet in Brushed Nickel Model FR0D40001BNV and 816-117  
Water is leaking from the base of the tub spout. 

Remove the roman tub spout by loosening its setscrew located in a small opening on its backside. Usually it will require a 1/8th inch Allen wrench. Install new O-rings on the tub spout mounting post under the tub spout. Lubricate the new O-rings with plumber’s silicone lubricant and then set the spout back on its base. Align the spout and tighten its setscrew firmly. Turn the water on and visually inspect the spout for leaks around its base.  

Water continually drips from the roman tub spout. 

Install new hot and cold Glacier Bay faucet cartridge stems-RP20013 and RP20014; you can try tightening the bonnet nut; however, this really fixes the problem.  

The faucet leaks from the tee fitting under the faucet. 

Remove the tee fitting’s mounting clip-RP70123 by pulling straight out with a pair of pliers. Pull the tee straight down off the spouts mounting post. Install two new O-rings-RP60047 on the bottom end of the spout mounting post. Lubricate them with plumber’s grease and push the tee fitting back up on the post. Reinstall the mounting clip by hand; only use pliers if necessary. 

My Glacier Bay Roman Tub Spout is loose. 

Loosen the spout post mounting nut-RP56015 under the tub with a plumber’s basin wrench. Inspect the rubber washer-RP64032, if it is damaged, replace it and reassemble the faucet connections. 

The whole faucet moves when I turn it on. 

Tighten the top flange-RP80175 and RP-70183 under the handle first; rotate it clockwise until it is secure. From under the faucet, tighten the mounting nut with a large pair of slip joint pliers, or large basin wrench. You may need to align the faucet a couple of times to get it set just right. If the faucets mounting washer-RP64023 or metal mounting washers-RP64024 damaged, replace them as soon as possible by calling Glacier Bay Faucets at 1-866-863-9931. If you are the original faucet owner, your faucet’s repair parts are free.  

I have poor water flow coming from my Glacier Bay Roman Tub Spout. 

Inspect the water supply lines connecting the tub spout’s mounting post to the individual hot and cold faucets. The most common problem is a hose or hoses will twist and kink in the middle. Remove the hose, from the faucet end, straighten it out, and reattach it. If it kinks when you reinstall it, replace the hose-RP70042 or hoses.  



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