Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Glacier Bay Builders 4 Inch Two Handle Lavatory Faucet w/Popup  Diagram Link for Models F40C4201BNV,  7032EC-A8101, 7032EC-A8102, 7032EC-A8104  and 247-368    



How to Fix a Glacier Bay Builders 4 Inch Two Handle Lavatory Faucet w/Popup Diagram Link for Models F40C4201BNV, 7032EC-A8101, 7032EC-A8102, 7032EC-A8104 and 247-368

1.      Turn the water off under the sink before you start your faucet repair, and then open both faucets. 

2.      Block the sink drain by pulling up on the pop-up assembly-RP40027 lift rod-RP40094. 

3.      Pop out the red index button-RP10004 and blue index button-RP10005 located under the faucet handles. 

4.      Loosen the handle setscrew-RP50098 inside the handle with a hex wrench. 

5.      Lift the handles off the handle mounting screws-RP50003. 

6.      Unscrew the handle mounting screw with a Phillips screwdriver. 

7.      Pull the hex-shaped handle inverter-RP56044 of each faucet stem. 

8.      Loosen the bonnet nuts with a Crescent wrench, and then finish removing them by hand. 

9.      Remove the plastic washer-RP64124 off the top of the cartridge stem. 

10.  Pull the cartridges out of the faucet with pliers. 

11.  Wipe the inside of the faucet clean. 

12.  Spread plumber’s grease on the bottom and sides of the new cartridges. 

13.  Insert the new red cartridge-RP20013 on the left side of the faucet. 

14.  Install the Glacier Bay blue cartridge-RP20014 on the right side of the faucet. 

15.  Set the plastic washer-RP64124 on each new faucet cartridge. 

16.  Spread a thin layer of plumber’s silicone grease inside the bonnet nut-RP70193. 

17.  Screw the nuts on by hand, and secure with the Crescent wrench. 

18.  Set a handle inverter on each faucet stem. 

19.  Screw in the handle mounting screws into each stem. 

20.  Install the handles on the screw and inverter. 

21.  Tighten the handle setscrew. 

22.  Pop the index button back in the faucet handles. Install the red index button on the right handle, and blue index button on the left. 

23.  Open the sink drain. 

24.  Remove the aerator from the spout. 

25.  Turn the water on. 

26.  Open the faucets slowly. Let the water run a few seconds, turn the water back off. 

27.  Reinstall the faucet’s aerator. 

28.  Inspect you Glazier Bay Builder Series faucet for leaks around the handles and spout. 

Trouble Shooting Your Glacier Bay Faucet 

There is water dripping from spout or aerator. 

Tighten the bonnet nuts or replace the cartridges. 

My faucet handles keep turning all the way around. 

Tighten the handle set screws, replace the handle inverters, or replace the cartridges. 

My whole faucet is moving, how can I secure it? 

Tighten the faucet’s mounting nuts-RP56001 from under the sink. 

The stopper in the bottom of the sink will not move up and down. 

Pull the pop-up assembly’s horizontal stopper lift rod out of the drain assembly. If it is broken or rusted off, you will need to replace it. 

Water will not stop dripping from the faucet’s aerator. 

Replace the cartridges. Call the manufacturer’s warranty phone number and ask for parts free. 

My Glacier Bay Builders Series faucet is discoloring, is there any way to fix it? 

No. You will need to call the Glacier Bay warranty number or the Home Depot customer service line and ask for a new faucet. Glacier Bay faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty.  






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