Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


Glacier Bay Builder Widespread Lavatory Faucet Mode FW0B3600CP, 475-620

Glacier Bay Builder Widespread Lavatory Faucet Mode FW0B3600CP, 475-620 and Polished Brass Model FW0B4600PBV

How to Repair Glacier Bay 8 Inch Wide Spread Lavatory Bath Faucet  

1.      Open each faucet handle about a quarter turn. Let the run while you shut off the water.

2.      Shut off the water to the faucet before you start any faucet repair.

3.      Take out the index button-RP10055 from under each handle lever.

4.      Loosen the handle setscrew inside the small hole behind the index button with a 2.mm hex wrench. You can also use a 3/32 inch Allen wrench.

5.      Raise each lever handle of their inverter mounting screws-RP70116, and then set them to the side.

6.      Unscrew each handle mounting screw.

7.      Lift the plastic hex shaped handle inverter-RP64044 off the faucet cartridge stems.

8.      Loosen each bonnet nut-RP70001 with an adjustable wrench.

9.      Finish unscrewing the nuts by hand.

10.  Wrap a dry hand towel around each stem to soak up what little water will spill out of each stem.

11.  Remove the hot Glacier Bay Faucet cartridge-RP20013 by hand or a pair of pliers.

12.  Pull the cold cartridge-RP20014 out of the faucet body.

13.  Wipe the inside of each cartridges barrel with a clean cloth. Push the cloth into the barrels with your screwdriver.

14.   Install the red or hot Glacier Bay ceramic disc cartridge into the left faucet barrel. Line up the wings on the side of each cartridge, with the notches on top of the faucet. Push the stem in by hand only.

15.  Carefully apply a thin layer of plumber’s waterproof grease with your index finger inside each cartridge barrel and the outside of each faucet cartridge.

16.  Install the blue or cold stem in the right faucet barrel.

17.  Grease the inside threads of the bonnet nut and the outside threads of the faucet barrel.

18.  Screw each bonnet-retaining nut on by hand, and then secure with your adjustable wrench.

19.  Set the handle-stem inverters on the new stems.

20.  Fasten each inverter-RP64044 with the handle mounting adaptors-RP70116.

21.  Slide each widespread faucet lever handle-RP13141 down onto the mounting screws.

22.  Tighten each Glacier Bay lever handle with your hex wrench.

23.  Pop the index button back in place.

24.  Open the lavatory sink drain.

25.  Turn the handle to their off positions.

26.  Slowly turn the water back on.

27.  Remove the aerator-RP30055 from the end of the spout.

28.  Open the hot side of the faucet all the way, and then the cold side.

29.  Let the water run few a few seconds.

30.  Visually look over the faucet for leaks or drips.

31.  Turn the water off.

My Glacier Bay Faucet is Lose, How Do I Tighten It?

From underneath the sink, tighten the locking screws-RP50004 evenly. When the mounting screws force the mounting nut-RP56003 down and the mounting washer-RP64005 up against the sink base, it also pulls the handle flange-RP80002 down onto the top of the sink counter.

There is water leaking from under my Glacier Bay wide spread faucet, how do I Fix It?

With a flashlight, inspect all the water connections under the sink. If the quick connect assembly-RP70006 is leaking, you will need to call the Glacier Bay warranty phone number that came with you faucet, and ask for a free replacement. If the leak is coming from the water supply connections one or the other faucet barrels, you will need the replace the barrel itself.




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