Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


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How to Repair a Two-Handle Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet Spout

1.       Put a dish towel behind the faucet to catch what little water left in the kitchen faucet spout.

2.       Remove the cap nut-RP80173 from the top of the spout by turning it to the left.

3.       Lift out the cap washer-RP64017.

4.       Swing the spout back and forth slowly while lifting it at the same time. You need one hand on the spout, and one hand on the spout base.

5.       Remove the two, black rubber O-rings-RP60006 located on the faucet body. Use a small screwdriver or paring knife (carefully) to unseat them from their groove in the body, and then role the O-rings up and off the faucet.

6.       Lift the flat plastic spout washer from off the bottom of the faucet body. This washer allows the spout to turn side to side easily.

7.       Apply a thin layer of silicon grease to the spout washer before reinstalling.

8.       Slide the spout washer down over the Glacier Bay faucet body.

9.       Apply a liberal coating of silicon grease to the new faucet spout O-rings.

10.   Role the two new O-rings down over the faucet body until there are set securely in their grooves. Make sure they are not twisted. You can use the screwdriver carefully to assist in the O-ring placement.

11.   Grease the inside of the kitchen faucet spot with silicon grease lightly.

12.   Slide the spout back on the faucet body by pushing down and twisting it side to side until reaches the spout washer.

13.    Apply a light coating o silicone grease to the faucet body threads and the inside threads of the spout cap.

14.   Replace the spout cap washer-RP64017.

15.   Screw the spout cap on by hand. Turn the cap clockwise to reinstall firmly.

16.   Turn the hot and cold faucets on and visually inspect the spout for leaks. At some point, the spout may wear beyond repair; at that point, you need to replace the spout itself. You will only be able to get a new Glacier Bay faucet spout from the manufacturer.



Congratulation, you are finished repairing your Glacier Bay 2 handle kitchen sink faucet. Now go get yourself some ice cream.   


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