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How to Replace the Sprayer Diverter Stem in a Two-Handle Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet 


Broken sprayer diverter stems can cause all sorts of trouble for your kitchen faucet. When a faucet diverter clogs, there may be no water at all coming out of the faucet or sprayer, or there will be water coming out of sprayer and not the faucet. Spray diverters that are not functioning correctly can cause vibrating, screaming, humming or hammering noises from the kitchen faucet as well as all the pipes in the house. Replacing the sprayer’s diverter stem in your two-handle Glacier Bay kitchen faucet is a simple task that should only take about 30 minutes to complete. 


1.       Acquire a new Glacier Bay diverter stem from the manufacturer by calling the warranty phone number that came with your specific kitchen sink faucet model. How to Find Glacier Bay Faucet Parts is an in-depth article on how to find the parts you need. If you’re in hurry, you might be able to use a Delta faucet diverter stem as a substitute for your original. This does not work for every faucet.

2.      Turn the water off to the faucet. You do not need to turn the water off when replacing a two-handle kitchen faucet diverter. However, if you would be more comfortable, there is no problem.

3.      Place a hand towel behind the kitchen faucet to catch any excess water.

4.      Unscrew the spout cap-RP80173 from the top of the faucet spout. Normally you can you do this by hand, turning the cap counterclockwise to remove. If you have difficulty getting a grip on the cap, wrap a damp washcloth or rubber jar lid opener around the cap first, and try again. If you must use place or a wrench, wrap electrical tape or duct tape around the cap several times to protect it from the sharp teeth of the tools. Caution- you can easily ruin the faucets finish with sharp tools.

5.      Remove the spout cap washer-RP64017 from inside the kitchen faucet cap or spout. The washer helps seal the cap and prevents water leaks. Clean the washer off and set it to the side.

6.      Remove the Glacier Bay spray diverter stem-RP70007. When you look down into the open faucet spout, you should see a white plastic tube in the center of the faucet. It will have four notches cut in the top. These notches are there to help you unscrew the diverter. Most people do not own a screwdriver large enough to remove the diverter, but there is another way. You can use a coin, like a nickel or a dime, to unscrew the diverter. This is not an easy process but it should work. If you cannot turn the coin and faucet diverter by hand, you can use a pair of pliers to hold the coin and turn the diverter counterclockwise.

7.      Apply a small amount of plumber’s grease to the threads of the new Glacier Bay faucet diverter stem. This will make it easier to remove if you have to do this again.

8.      Screw in the new diverter stem by hand only with the coin as advantage.

9.      Replace the spout cap washer.

10.  Spread a small amount plumber’s grease on spout cap threads to prevent mineral buildup.

11.  Screw the cap back on by hand only.

12.  Turn the faucet on and test the faucet and kitchen sink faucet sprayer for proper operation and leaks.

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