Faucet InstructionsFor the Do-It-Yourselfer 


American Standard 2 Handle Center-Set Lavatory Bathroom Sink Faucet Installation Instruction


Removing the Old American Standard Drain 

1.       Turn the water supplies off under the sink.

2.       Turn the faucet on to alleviate the pressure and drain the water.

3.       Place a bucket under the p-trap, and remove the j-bend of the p-trap with a pair of Channel Locks.

4.       Slide the p-trap nut and washer off the old pop-up assembly.

5.       Loosen the lift rod guide-mounting nut with pliers, and remove the lift-rod from the faucet.

6.       Disconnect the pop-up lift rod guide from the pivot rod. Squeeze the small metal spring clip in between your fingers and slide it off the pivot rod.

7.       Unscrew the large nut at the top of the pop-up assembly as far as you can with your Channel Locks.

8.       Push the assembly up through the sink as far as you can.

9.       Hold the pop-up sink flange with your pliers and unscrew the pop-up assembly from underneath the sink. Be careful, you do not to scratch the sink with the pliers.

10.   Clean the old plumber’s putty out of the drain opening. If the drain opening is rusted, replace the sink.

Removing the Old American Standard Faucet 

11.   Put the bucket under the water supply line shut-offs.

12.   Disconnect the water supply lines from the shut-off valves with a Crescent wrench. Some water will drain out of the lines and faucet.

13.   Unhook the supply lines from the faucet inlets with a basin wrench.

14.   Remove the faucet’s mounting nuts with the basin wrench.

15.   Pull the old American Standard faucet out of the sink.

16.   Clean the sink with soap and water. If the sink’s faucet mounting holes are rusted, replace the sink.

Installing Your New American Standard Speed Connect™ pop-up Drain Assembly 

17.   Remove all packaging material from the pop-up drain assembly. Make sure the foam gasket is in place under the drain’s sink flange.

18.   Insert the drain assembly through the top of the drain.

19.   Hold down the pop-up assembly in the sink.

20.   Push the cone shaped, black rubber gasket up on the drain assembly with your other hand, from underneath the sink. The cone needs to be pointing up toward the bottom of the sink.

21.   Screw the flat side of the locknut on the drain all the way up to the rubber gasket.

22.   Turn the drain assembly so that the pop-up actuator is facing the back of the sink. With the cable actuator, it may not matter which you turn it.

23.   Tighten the locknut by hand only.

24.   Push down on the top of the pop-up knob until it rests on the top of the faucet.

25.   Make sure the pop-up stopper is in the up, or open position.

26.   Screw the cable connection onto the drain actuator by hand only.

27.   Pull up on the lift rod and see if the stopper closes.

Installing your New American Standard 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet  

28.   Apply a thin bead of anti-microbial kitchen and bath caulk on the bottom side of the faucet.

29.   Set the bath faucet the in the sink, and then center it toward the front of the bowl.

30.   Screw on the plastic retaining nuts from under the sink by hand, and then tighten them with a basin wrench. Check to faucet’s center again.

31.   Wipe any excess caulk away from the faucet’s base with a moist cloth.

32.   Reconnect the p-trap with new washers using Channel Lock slip joint pliers.

Connecting the New Faucet Supply Lines 

33.   Screw on the new faucet supply lines. Screw each of the large nuts on the faucet’s shanks by hand, and tighten with a basin wrench.

34.   Screw the smaller ends onto the angle-stop valves by hand, and then tighten with a Crescent wrench.

Testing Your New faucet Installation 

35.   Remove the aerator from the faucet spout.

36.   Turn the cold-water valve on under the sink and let the water run for 20 seconds.

37.   Turn the hot water valve on at let both run for a minute.

38.   Work the faucet handles on and off a few times to make sure, they operate correctly.

39.   Turn both faucet handles to their off position.

40.   Reinstall the aerator.

American Standard Faucet Installation Instructions